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!. What forces have had an effect on increasing health cost over the past 30 years? Increases in health cost have been attributed to large numbers of uninsured Americans, an unstable economy, and uncontrolled health care spending (Mason et al, 2016, p. 105). Health costs have also been rising recently due to the baby boom generation heading into retirement which causes increases in Medicare enrollment. Americans are seeking treatment for conditions later which increases hospital length of stay. Currently two-thirds of adults are either overweight or obese; this leads to increased medical spending ($2.5 trillion annually) for chronic conditions (Mason et al, 2016, p.160). #. How is research used to produce effective public health care policies in order to spend public resources wisely? Give one example. Research is used to produce effective public health care policies by using both qualitative and quantitative data. An example of quantitative methods to gather data is the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) which monitors the prevalence of obesity and diabetes over time as well as by examining factors associated with changes in prevalence (Mason et al, 2016, p.107). Finding the prevalence of diabetes and obesity enables primary prevention tactics to be used where prevalence is higher. Public resources can be spent to provide education related to obesity and diabetes prevention which saves money on public health care for the long-term. R. Identify your legislators for the state and national level. Please include the name of your state, district numbers for both your state level representatives and senators, as well as those on the national level. To respond to this item, you will have two US senators, one US Congressman, one state senator and one state representative The legislators for Kentucky include Robert Stivers II, David Givens, Damon Thayer, Julie Adams, Mike Wilson, Morgan McGarvey, Johnny Turner, and Dennis Parrett. Two US senators are Barbara Bower for CA and Doug Jones for AL. The legislators at the national level are numerous and are all listed on the www.congress.gov/members website. One US congressman is Ed Whitfield for the 1st district, a current state senator for KY is Rand Paul, and a current KY state representative is James Comer for the 1st district. _. What contexts inform crafting policy? According to Mason et al (2016), crafting policy involves internal and external validity, a timely approach, open to changes as the policy interacts with different policymakers, fits a specific purpose, answers policy questions / objectives, is created with an analytical view, and realistic regarding funding. Crafting policy is a step by step process that takes requires through evaluations for each step forward. Crafting policy identifies critical problems to lead to realtime decision making to solve each problem. f. Why should legislators use research evidence in public policymaking? Legislators should use research evidence in public policymaking to specifically define the contours of a problem by informing policy and researching the benefits and harms for policy solutions (Mason et al, 2016). Research also examines the costs and consequences for policy proposals. Policy researchers are more beneficial to the policy process when they thoroughly understand the context and issue being studied. g. Why are effective programs not always implemented? Majority of the time effective programs are not able to be implemented due to cost concerns. The cost of teaching and implementing a new program is often a factor that impedes putting successful programs in place. Risk vs reward is a big decider and often times the risk of spending is not seen as balanced compared to the reward of a policy. Lack of education, difficulty disseminating information, and issues changing the perceived norm are also barriers of implementing effective programs. References: ...
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Cost of Healthcare in US and Policy Formulation
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Question 1
The cost of healthcare in the United States has been on the rise in the past 30 years and
several factors can be attributed to this trend. The mentioned factors are the major drivers of the
high cost of healthcare. Most of the Americans are uninsured and this only means that they do
not have a back-up plan or strategy to cater for their bills (Barr, 2016). Uncontrolled healthcare
spending; people seeking medication even for minor, negligible illnesses, is a factor of concern
(Milani & Lavie, 2015). This means that the government spends a large amount of money to
fund the healthcare sector. Lastly, the large number of baby boomers who are mostly the
population suffering from chronic illnesses has contributed to the high price of healthcare.
Question 2
As stated, research forms part of adequate and effective health care, enable the formation
of healthcare policies and also ensure that public resources are spend wisely. The National
Health and Nutrition Examination Survey is among the major research bodies in health care
(Barr, 2016). Prevalence of chro...

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