HSPM154 Leiper Caparas Revenue management case study Interview Assignment

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Format Requirements
• Double space, 1” margin, page number
• Minimum 13 pages, including
• Title page
• Interviewee’s bio (no more than 2 pages, introduction, photo, and contact information)
• Interview Q&A (minimum 8 pages)
• Lesson Learned and Suggestions (minimum 2 pages)
• Reference (in APA format)
• Team Bio and Photo

Interviewee’s bio is in the picture, how he got to the position, please write it into a paragraph.

The questions for the interview are all in the pdf attached below. The interview record is in this link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wJk-asdoQDHqAnrW9...

The class is about Revenue Management, so the section Lesson Learned and Suggestions (minimum 2 pages) should be about ideas related to Revenue Management.

Reference is to the interviewee, and any sources you use.

I will include team bio and photo myself.

HSPM154 Leiper Caparas Revenue management case study Interview Assignment

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HSPM 154 Dr. Huang Group Project Guidelines Revenue management (RM) is very important to the hospitality industry, and it takes a lot of efforts to implement RM strategies in your business. For this group project, you are required to interview the manager who is in charge of RM. You can choose a hotel, restaurant, event center, club, resort and other hospitality service providers. Depending on the company, the RM tasks would be managed by the revenue manager, controller, front office manager, marketing director, owner and/or reservations manager. You need to investigate the advantages and problems of their revenue management practices. Please form your group (two students in a group) by Feb. 7, 2019. Every group will prepare a field study report to address following questions. Collaborative tools (e.g., Google Doc., and Prezi.com) are encouraged to prepare your document. Your written report is due on Apr. 7, 2019. By the end of this semester, your group will make a 15-minute presentation about what you have learned. Your interview questions should include but are not limited to the following list. You can add other relevant questions for your interview. But the following questions must be included in your report and presentation. 1. Who oversees all RM tasks in the company? What does the person do every day? 2. How is the business performance of the company this year? Where does it stand in the market comparing to other competitors? 3. What do they do to increase the revenue? Please ask for specific EXAMPLES/STORIES to support your discussion. 4. What are the factors influencing their price decision? 5. What RM system is used in the company? Please briefly describe its functions, costs of implementation, and why it is chosen. 6. How does the RM system help the manager to increase their revenue? Please ask for EXAMPLES/STORIES to support your discussion. 7. What do they do to control the cost? Please ask for EXAMPLES/STORIES to support your discussion. 8. What are the challenges or issues with their RM practice (i.e., rate controls, overbookings, employee training…)? Please ask for EXAMPLES/STORIES to support your discussion. 9. Does the company adopt or plan to adopt robots for customer service? If yes, how does the company use robots? If no, why not? 10. How does the person think of the pros and cons of using robots in the hospitality industry? What are the most important concerns for adopting robots? You can use the Q&A format to structure the report, but you must discuss the “Lesson Learned and Suggestions” using your own words at the end of the report. (1) Please use relevant course content to thoughtfully critique what went right or wrong in the interviewee’s stories. (2) You must provide suggestions on how to help the company to improve their RM practices. Applications of concepts and theories learned from this course is essential for this part. Format Requirements • • • • • • • • Double space, 1” margin, page number Minimum 13 pages, including Title page Interviewee’s bio (no more than 2 pages, introduction, photo, and contact information) Interview Q&A (minimum 8 pages) Lesson Learned and Suggestions (minimum 2 pages) Reference (in APA format) Team Bio and Photo Important Deadlines February 10, 2019 Feb. 24, 2019 Feb. 26, 2019 April 7, 2019 May 5, 2019 May 7/9, 2019 Team bio Interviewee’s name and contact information Interview Field Trip Project Report Presentation PPT file Due Group Presentation ...
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Tutor Answer

School: UC Berkeley




Project Report
Institution affiliate:



Revenue management is very paramount when it comes to the hospitality industry as
it allows the hotel owners in anticipating demand and optimizing availability and pricing to
achieve the best possible financial results. Revenue is managed by a revenue manager, but the
whole department is overseen by the detector. The Director of revenue works closely with the
sales team, front office staff, and the general managers. The director oversees the revenue
management and distribution strategy of a Hotel and manages the daily yield operations. This
paper is a narrative of a director of revenue for the Hyatt Santa Clara and Andaz Napa being
interviewed about his job experience and responsibilities.
The interviewee name is Leiper Caparas and is the area director of Review for Hyatt
Santa Clara and Anda Napa. Prior to being the director of revenue, he worked for the same
organization but different companies holding various positions. His first job was a Bellman
position in 1993 where he worked at Hyatt Rickey’s Palo Alto. In 1994, he got promoted in
the same company to be a front office agent. In the subsequent year, 1995, he was made the
company’s night manager. His promotion in the same company came to an end in 1996 when
he was made the assistant front office manager. He later shifted to Hyatt Regency San
Francisco airport in 1997 as the assistant reservation’s manager. In 1998, he became the
Director of guest services in the same San Francisco airport and 1999 he was made the front
office manager again. IN the following year, he became the chief accountant who was his
first job to handle finances. In 2002, He became the assistant controller or finance in Hyatt
Rickey’s Palo Alto. He went back to Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in 2003 as the
Reservations manager. In 2004, he began working in the revenue department as the manager.



Later in 2005, he moved to Hyatt Regency Santa Clara as the Director of revenue. Recently
in 2017, he became the area director of revenue for Hyatt Santa Clara and Andaz Napa.

Interviewer: So we know that you are the revenue manager for your hotel, you are the
one that oversees all revenue management in the hotel, right?
Interviewee: No I only do the guestroom revenues; I don`t oversee all the revenues.
Interviewer: Alright, what are your tasks every day? Can you tell us about that?
Interviewee: My tasks everyday include: first, seeking how many units we need to sell, how
many rooms for any date although into the future, a year out, what rates we need to sell them,
how we sell them, you know and so we sell them only for one nights, two nights, three nights,
also who we sell it to, do we sell it to business travellers, transit, to groups, and also where



we sell them, do we sell them through our website or through the GEF which is the travel
agent system, do we sell them through expedia so I try to figure out or those different
information and come out with the best serving strategy for the hotel. I look at the market
conditions, what’s happening in New York, what is selling and so on and so forth, but on a
daily basis I look at those not only for today but for future days.
Interviewer: So, how is the business performance for the hotel this year, like for
Interviewee: Business has been steady, it is not quite growing the way we wanted it to be,
according to last year its steady. I think we have seen a little bit of slowing down in the
individual travel. What I mean by that is the corporate business that is travelling on and on to
different offices, the group business in terms of having a large group going into ...

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Tutor went the extra mile to help me with this essay. Citations were a bit shaky but I appreciated how well he handled APA styles and how ok he was to change them even though I didnt specify. Got a B+ which is believable and acceptable.

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