Read the Prospectus and write the paper based on it

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Read the Prospectus and write the paper based on it

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Surname 1 Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Freedom and Child Internet Pornography One of the best known writers and a supporter of freedom is Frederick Douglass. Douglass suffered as a slave for many years before escaping to New York from Maryland. He is a wellknown motivational speaker who delivered speeches concerning self-freedom. During the period between 1818 and 1895, he rose to the position of an abolitionist leader. Because of his experience as a slave, he found the best approach to stop slavery (Lucander). To him, when citizens get freed from cruelty, live without fear, and have equal rights with the rest, they live a good life. Another famous proponent of freedom was Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who gained popularity in the 1970s when the government alienated the church (Couretas). Militant atheists removed his baptismal cross. His encounter makes people understand that one only lives a good life when the government gets separated from religion and when religion is not separated from society which leads to freedom. Freedom refers to the rights enjoyed by individuals allowing them to feel, think and act independently without interfering with other people’s rights. Liberty also gives individuals an opportunity to express their ideas without constraints. For example, everyone has the right to religion. When this right gets curtailed, it means that believers are not in a position to choose their denominations independently. In politics, individual freedom is at risk when the government fails to incorporate democracy and civilization. Liberty and justice are the resultant Surname 2 effects of legal amendments hence a good and fulfilling life (Goodhart 169). Among the dominant issues regarding freedom in the world is child internet pornography which, in my opinion, should be mitigated by the government. Today, the government has been accused of restricting the freedoms of its people. Debates concerning the role of government in limiting an individual’s privacy by controlling child internet pornography are dominant. Proposers of government intervention argue that child internet pornography is a form of sexual abuse, molestation, and mental torture (Powel and Victoria 6). Also, child pornography is a violation of morality. According to child pornography laws, the US Department of Justice has been accorded the responsibility of monitoring and convicting sex offenders. The work of this department is a revelation of the protection of children's rights rather than limiting offenders’ freedom. In support of this are the child protection laws enshrined in article 49 of the constitution which proclaims government protection of children. Those in support of this vice feel that government intervention in the privacy of persons or entities producing child internet pornography is not warranted. To support their stand, they argue that the government is allowed to control offenders' actions only if they are found guilty of physically harming these children. The right to freedom of expression is as vital as the freedom of action. Child internet pornographers or producers should have all the rights and freedoms to carry out the process except for harming the children. As far as freedom, rights, and the good life are concerned, the government should invade privacy to bring an end to child pornography and other related crimes like hate speech and human trafficking. The most controversial topic, in this case, is child pornography, especially on Surname 3 online platforms. A child’s life is termed good if the child gets protected from sexual abuse of any kind. Also, if the children have proper psychological, physical, and mental health, they are considered free. Therefore, it is necessary for the government to intervene and protect the rights and freedoms of children. Surname 4 Work Cited Couretas, John. Solzhenitsyn: ‘There’s Plenty of Freedom, But Little Truth’, November 26, 2012. Goodhart, Michael .Democracy as Human Rights: Freedom and Equality in the Age of Globalization. Routledge Taylor and Francis Group 2005. Pp 117-245. Lucander, David .Feddrick Douglas and the Meaning of Freedom. February 14, 2018. Powell, Hills and Victoria, Nash .Child Protection and Freedom of Expression Online.Alison.Oxford Internet Institute ,2010 ,pp. 1-15 ...
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Freedom and Child Internet Pornography
Various known individuals have championed for freedom one of them being Fredrick
Douglass that has served as a slave for some time before leaving Maryland for New York. This
happened between 1818 and 1895 where he emerged to the position of abolition leader.
Following his experiences as a slave, he employed the best approach to end slavery where he
maintained that people will live a good life if they have equal rights and are free from cruelty.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn also championed for freedom by segregating the church from the
government (Couretas). He stressed that people can maintain good lives if the government is
segmented from religion and so, should religion should be segmented from the society. Freedom
entails the right of an individual to autonomy without interfering with the rights of others.
Nevertheless, there are notions regarding the freedom and child internet pornography and this
challenges the writer to explore the subject and present the limits of freedom with regards to child
internet pornography.
Freedom can be conceptualized as the act of not being enslaved, and so, one has the right
to autonomy. Liberty as well allows people to express to expresses their thoughts without
interruption. Generally, freedom seeks to safeguard the communication of opinions and ideas in
any form and for any reason starting from political writing through religious discourse and
artistic performance. Certainly, people have the freedom to not only impart information, but, the

Surname 2
right to receive, seeks, and access information as well. Apart from being applied offline, freedom
of expression is applied online as well, and the internet has made information to be easily
accessible. So, the internet has played a critical role in recasting the form, market scope, impact
the traditional media sources, along with informing the citizens to access, develop, share, and
synthesize information (Couretas). The United Nations have commented that, currently, people
have been engaged actively in publishing information, hence, exposing the truth as well as the
progress of the society.
Freedom among the Children
Just like any other person, children are guaranteed to the right of freedom of expression
and so, they are encouraged to express themselves freely. The right to freedom of expression in
children has been developed in-depth in the Rights of the Child Convention (CRC) whose
foundation entails the general principle of the convention which holds that the children have the
right to be part of all facets of their lives. The idea was developed from Article 13 of the CR
which makes it clear that children should enjoy their right to freedom of expression starting from
freedom to seek, receive, as well as impart ideas and information of all sorts without considering
the frontiers either in print, in writing, or through other media used by the children (Goodhart
225). Article 15 further acknowledges the rights of the children to associate freely along with the
peaceful assembly.
The CRC again presents the children with a distinctive along with an explicit right to
information in accordance with Article 17. The article holds that children have a right to access
material and information from diverse national and global sources, particularly, those tailored
towards promoting their spiritual, moral, in conjunction with their social well-being and mental
and physical health. The article recognizes various supportive measures that champion the right
of the child to information including not to mention mass broadcasting of cultural ...

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