GEB3213 FSCJ Marketing Strategy And Corporate Philanthropy Assignment

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i attached two files where you can find instruction in RReport Assignment and the other file shows that i picked a cause of STEM education for company philanthropy and there is my professor feedback but i need to work on the organization with these points in a separate word document. can you please complete this assignment? in first file there is instructions and second file there is my facts and findings.

  • Introduction: Context, purpose and preview
  • Chosen cause & its significance plus justification for this choice
  • Company examples & implementation models w/ pros & cons (analysis)
  • Conclusion & recommendation of cause & implementation model PLUS supporting reasons & mitigated concerns

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GEB3213 Final Project PART 1, Recommendation Report: Corporate Philanthropy Initiative for insert your fake company name here Great news! Insert your fake company name here, the start-up company where you work, has become successful and is growing. Now the owner, Ms. Tahani Al-Jamil, wants your company name to become involved in corporate philanthropy/charity. Ms. Al-Jamil, does not have time to check out the possibilities, so she asks you, her executive assistant, to conduct and analyze research on this issue and recommend a cause and implementation model to her and the advisory board at the next board meeting. Audience: Your boss, Tahani Al Jamil (the company’s owner), and your company’s advisory board. Assignment: You must complete research and analysis to select a cause and ONE implementation model appropriate for your company name’s philanthropy initiative. Write up your research as an analytical Recommendation Report in memo format for your boss and advisory board. Follow up your written report with a persuasive presentation also to your boss and the board (Final Project, PART 2). Note: As we have seen, corporate social responsibility exists in many forms, but you must focus on philanthropy/charity. Assignment Process: Follow these steps in this order to successfully complete this project: 1. Determine what kind of company you work for—accounting, finance, marketing, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, health, etc. Determine your company’s name and its product/service. IMPORTANT: Your company is a for-profit business NOT a charitable organization, NOT a nonprofit, NOT a social-entrepreneurship venture. Use this information to complete your logo, letterhead, and company description skill-building activity. 2. Familiarize yourself with the concepts involved in this assignment. What are philanthropy and charity? Look at the links below to understand the similarities/differences between them: The Melvin and Bren Simon Foundation. (2015, March 23). Is there a difference between charity and philanthropy? The Melvin and Bren Simon Foundation. [Website]. Arillaga-Andreesen, L. (n.d.). Week 1 videos: 3.1, What is philanthropy?; 3.3, Charity versus philanthropy; and 3.4, Case study: earthquake in Haiti. Laura Arillaga-Andressen Foundation. [Website]. Retrieved from 3. Select a cause for your company name. NOTE: a cause, not a specific charitable organization. Here are some examples of long-term issues appropriate as causes for corporate philanthropy: • the environment • civil liberty • education Based on these examples, how would you • poverty define a cause? • public health Recommendation Report: Page 2 of 5 • • • bullying hunger homelessness Most likely, you will need to narrow down your cause from these broad issues. You may also choose a different cause, but please run it by your instructor. Research the cause you will recommend. Use your research on the cause to write your Status Report. 4. What’s an implementation model? Corporate philanthropy can be implemented in various ways. The links below list a few different implementation models (others exist you will find through your research): Fritz, J. (2017, November 26). Be a better donor and have more fun with a giving circle. The balance small business. [website]. Retrieved from (n.d.) 3 forms of corporate philanthropy. [website]. Retrieved from. Strategic philanthropy. (n.d.) Charity Café. [website]. Retrieved from What is cause-related marketing? (n.d.). Grantspace. [website]. Retrieved from 5. Look at some real-world examples of companies participating in corporate philanthropy: Double the Donation. (n.d.). 51 companies that donate to nonprofits. Double the Donation. [website]. Retrieved from 5 companies doing corporate philanthropy right. (2015, March 9). Triple Pundit. [website]. Retrieved from But wait! Corporate philanthropy isn’t just for BIG companies, check out this article about one of your instructor’s favorite companies: Eblen, T. (2017, July 28). It’s not just about beer and money: What drives West Sixth Brewery founders? Lexington Herald Leader. Retrieved from Hint: Companies’ web sites also provide information AND you can email the company directly to ask specific questions (mention that it’s for school work, and they will probably help you). Recommendation Report: Page 3 of 5 6. Consider the various implementation models and what other companies are doing and determine the best way for your company to implement its philanthropy. Besides your own thoughts, you must research the benefits/drawbacks of the model you select. 7. Write an analytical report to recommend the cause your company name should focus on and one implementation model. These are the topics I expect to see addressed and researched in your report: • Key background, facts, and statistics about the cause you want to focus on. • At least 3 examples of real-world companies’ philanthropic initiatives you used to help you refine your recommendation. Consider companies in the same/similar industry as your company. INCLUDE your analysis of the pros & cons of these models/approaches. • Your recommendation: o Your chosen cause, its relevance, and reason(s) your company should support it. o One specific implementation model for your company. o Varied reasons why your company should adopt your recommended implementation model; for example, benefits to your company, your company’s employees, your target recipients/cause, your community. o Concerns associated with your recommendation AND mitigation of those concerns. Organization: You will be using an indirect approach to write a recommendation report. Your online course schedule provides readings about organizing reports. However, your organization will be a little different from what is in the texts (you may add subheadings): 1. 2. 3. 4. Introduction: Context, purpose and preview Chosen cause & its significance plus justification for this choice Company examples & implementation models w/ pros & cons (analysis) Conclusion & recommendation of cause & implementation model PLUS supporting reasons & mitigated concerns Notice that you must anticipate any concerns or potential objections the board might have regarding your recommendation and address them factually. Remember, your job is to convince the owner and board to sponsor this cause and to adopt your implementation model despite the concerns. Format: Prepare a recommendation report in memo format using your company letterhead, addressed to the owner and advisory board of your company name. The report should be complete but concise: 1,500-2,000 words (excluding the memo headers, headings, tables, figures, and references), single-spaced/1.15. Use format (headings, bullets; short, topic-focused paragraphs, visuals, etc.) to visually organize your report and be reader friendly, attractive, and professional. Your company examples section may have second-level headings. Both, Ch. 7 and APA provide guidelines for logical, effective headings and subheadings (don’t use level 3 APA headings—too similar to level 2). Recommendation Report: Page 4 of 5 Use your company name letterhead with complete contact information on page 1 only. No page # header on page 1. Make sure you use the word “Memorandum” on page 1 under the letterhead. For subsequent pages, no letterhead, but use page headers/numbers to identify the document and page number. Example of page header (top right of this page—you might add your initials or last name): Create at least one table/figure/infographic to illustrate and clarify your research; use APA guidelines for figures, and give credit to your information source(s). • • • Using tables & figures general APA guidelines: de/apa_tables_and_figures_1.html Labeling APA figures: Citing your sources: NOTE: You must include the information source in the caption following APA citation guidelines (Author, date) corresponding to reference list entry. APA-formatted References: To demonstrate that you are basing your analysis, conclusions, and recommendation on substantive and credible evidence, you must have at least 10 references (you may/should use some of the sources I’ve provided you here, in course readings, and the GEB3213 LibGuide). You can use articles, websites, videos, and interviews/emails. Use reputable, credible sources; do not reference Wikipedia. In the report, insert APA-formatted in-text citations (parenthetical references) for facts, illustrations, quotes, or paraphrased ideas taken from sources. No standalone URL links. In-text references must correspond to the APA reference list at the end of your report. Note: You cannot have items in your reference list that do not appear as citations in the paper. For help with APA, go to either of the following sites: • Red Deer College APA Citation Style 6th Edition Home Page • Owl Purdue APA Site Use your Owl card to access the FAU Library databases/indexes remotely. Submission Instructions: ✓ Upload your Recommendation Report (labeled your last name.RR) to Groups, RR Peer Reviews, files, “To be reviewed,” to be accessible to your peer review team. For this assignment, 10 points will be deducted if your complete paper is not available in class for peer review. Each report should be reviewed by 2 people, and each person should review two reports. Recommendation Report: Page 5 of 5 ✓ ✓ After your peer review, revise as necessary and name it your last name.RR.Final. (e.g., Nesbitt.RR.Final). Submit your RR to the RR Turn-it-in assignment ahead of the due date so you can check the originality report and revise if necessary to ensure originality. For this assignment, 5 points will be deducted if the paper is not submitted to Turn-it-in. Submit your RR file to the Final Project Part 1: Recommendation Report (RR) assignment. Grading: The Recommendation Report is worth 150 points. For grading criteria, refer to the rubric in the Canvas assignment. Prime Plastic Industry 5640 Fascinate Avenue · P.O. Box 1007 Charming City, Dreamland 73581 Tel: (678) 265-2489 · Fax: (678) 267-4862 Email: TO: Tahani Al Jamil, Owner FROM: Shehar YarSH, Executive Assistant DATE: March 19, 2019 SUBJECT: Status Report on Prime’s Philanthropy Initiative + perfect format This memo presents statistics and facts about STEM education in developing countries especially in the Asian region. This is an appropriate cause for Prime Plastic to address in its philanthropic initiative because STEM education can bring prosperity and reduce poverty in a region. Stem education is expensive with no doubt, but investing in education can open + good start; you various doors for opportunity. + clear main point and general preview Facts & Findings You need a complete sentence ending in a colon to set up the main point or purpose of a bullet list: • Modern day progress depends on the STEM education as now the knowledge-based economies are only the way to progress (cite). STEM is a education to learn more about science, technology, engineering, and math. • STEM education can uplift the lives of poor people and enable them to earn their livelihoods and countries like Japan, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan and India has less than ten percent STEM education degree holders (cite). • STEM programs are bit expensive and hard and therefore require investment from philanthropists. But overall the huge impact would be on the skilled people who can contribute to humanity eventually. • STEM education provides high tech knowledge in terms of agriculture and medicine which increase country’s GDP (cite). STEM education plays a vital role in every society. The economy of a country depends on STEM educated people. In developing countries, many people cannot afford STEM education. concrete with fa be clear why this Then proceed w companies with programs that refine your fina Reference List McCarthy, N. (2017, February 02). The Countries With The Most STEM Graduates [Infographic]. Retrieved from WHY IS TEACHING STEM EDUCATION SO HARD? (n.d.). Retrieved from ...
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Stem education an acronym of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, is
an approach to learning whereby academic concepts are incorporated with real-life lessons by
applying science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is integrated into contexts that
bring the connection between schools, work, society and global enterprise ensuring a
development of STEM literacy thus resulting in the ability to be competitive in the new
economy. STEM in a workforce perspective is grooming workers with 21st-century skills and
the ability to think outside the box and use relevant materials to solve problems. Thus STEM
education is an essential aspect of problem-solving and development of quick and costeffective solutions needed in the next generation workforce.

Many companies are involved in corporate philanthropy initiatives/programs. Google,
one of the most popular companies internationally, uses various methods/models to implement
their philanthropy. Google has the matching gift program whereby employees get to donate,
and the corporation matches the employee's donations (Double the Donation). Though most
companies offer a dollar to dollar contribution, some double or triple the input. Apart from the
matching gift program, Google also has a initiative. was founded on
the belief that technology and innovation can move the needle in education, economic growth
and opportunity by connecting people to job...

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