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UST 289 Exercise 3 Spring 2019 For this assignment you will answer the questions listed below. Each question has been assigned a certain number of points. Be sure to answer all of the items asked for in the question to get full credit. Your assignment is to be word processed, double spaced, and grammar and spell checked! You may submit in hard copy or via email to the instructor. Early submissions are encouraged. Websites are listed below each question to get you started in finding your answers. Some material that relates to the questions may be found within your book, some will not. You are free to use other sources as well. However, Wikipedia is NOT to be used. (Wikipedia is an open source site. Changes can be made that may make information posted there incorrect.) You must cite your work appropriately and enclose a reference page. Be sure to list even the sites that I have provided you if you use them to answer the question. Do NOT do a laundry list of “question asked” and “answer” in your answer. While I have provided you with questions to answer, please answer them in paragraph form. Your answers should read as a narrative that covers all of the items raised by my questions. I prefer that you paraphrase the material that you find for your answers rather than doing copy and paste. Do NOT copy and paste material without putting it in quotation marks and appropriately citing it if you feel a need to do your paper this way. Do not use more than 2 quotations per question if you feel the need to quote directly. (Copying and pasting without quotations and appropriate citations is plagiarism and will result in a grade of 40 (F) for the total assignment.) If you are unsure just what plagiarism is, please go to the writing center website and click on the link to the right. The writing center is at you are unsure how to do citations, you can go to: The links to the guides there are very good. If you are not required to use a specific format by your major discipline, I suggest using APA. 1.Weather patterns can be influenced by two weather phenomenon El Nino and La Nina. There can be a neutral phase also. What do we mean by El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO)? How do weather patterns change in general when El Nino occurs? How could it affect our weather in Northeast Ohio? How does El Nino affect the hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean? What is La Nina? What are some of the weather changes in general when La Nina occurs? How could La Nina affect Northern Ohio’s weather? How does La Nina affect the hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean. What are some of the economic impacts of El Nino and La Nina in the United States? What other types of impacts might these systems have? What is the jet stream? How is the Jet Stream affected by El Nino and La Nina? Are we in an El Nino or La Nino phase? If so which one and what are the predictions for weather nationwide and in this area. How are weather patterns this winter different than last winter? What could be a reason for the difference regarding El Nino or La Nina? What is the current prediction as to the duration? UST 289 Exercise 3 Spring 2019 Be sure to check the actual links for El Nino and La Nina and not just the brief descriptions. (35 points) .shtml 2.Living in Cleveland you often hear the term “lake effect “especially in late fall. What is lake effect snow? What conditions must be present for lake effect snow to occur? What type of clouds usually accompany lake effect snow? Why does lake effect snow form bands? Does lake effect snow occur around other areas besides the Great Lakes? What are the benefits for lake effect snow for the area for crops? What is meant by the primary and secondary snow belts of the greater Cleveland area? Where are the snowbelts located? On the average how much snow annually does each area get? Why is there a difference in the amount of lake effect snow that falls throughout the greater Cleveland area? What is the difference between lake effect snow and a snow storm? What is the difference between lake effect and what is called an “Alberta Clipper”? What is the difference between lake effect and lake enhanced snow? (30 points) 3. One way that the balance of existing ecosystems is changed is with the introduction of nonnative species or invasive species. Over the years non-native species, both plant and animal, have been introduced either deliberately or by accident into the Great Lakes and Lake Erie waters and area. State the reasons why invasive plant and animal species are harmful to the area? What can be done to control the invasive species? Name two flora invasive species that have invaded this area? How did they arrive in the area? Which ones are the most destructive to the environment and what is being done to lessen the destructiveness? Name three non-native animal species and explain how have they affected the balance of the great lakes’ ecosystem? Explain one way that non-native species invade the lakes. Is there one species that is not here in Lake Erie yet but that is seen as a problem for the future? What are environmentalists trying to do to keep this species out of the Great Lakes? (35 points) UST 289 Exercise 3 Spring 2019 ...
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Climate and invasive species
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Climate and invasive species

El Nino is warming of the surface of the ocean, or above average surface temperature of
the sea, in the eastern and central tropical Pacific Ocean. Over the tropical Pacific Ocean rainfall
increases while rainfall tends to become reduced over Indonesia. The low-level surface winds,
which usually blow to west from east along the equator, instead weakens or at times begin
blowing the opposite direction. El Nino is the warming of water periodically in the Pacific Ocean
very fewer years (McPhaden, 2015). When it happens, it means there is the availability of more
energy for the formation of storms. Additionally, it also affects wind shear, which occurs when
currents of air at a lower attitude blow in the opposite direction from higher winds in the
atmosphere. Strong winds shear makes it difficult for the formation of hurricanes. Based on the
collected data, a strong event of El Nino are most likely to affect the Ohio Valley as well as
lower Great Lakes climate. During a strong to moderate El Nino, winters in the lower great lakes
as well as Ohio valley are likely to be drier and warmer than normal Warm events of El Nino in
general are characterized by more hurricanes in the east of Pacific ocean as well as a decrease in
the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico as well as Atlantic. The main explanation for the reduction in
hurricane frequency during the years of El Nino years is because of the increased shear wind in
the environment.



La Nina is the direct opposite of El Nino, it occurs when the temperatures of the surface
of the sea in the central Pacific reduce lower compared to the normal levels. The cooling of water
of this area near the equator, which usually unfolds at late falls into early winter, produces
impacts globally. In the US, a La Nina is more rains in the Northwest of the Pacific Ocean; Short
periods of below average temperatures in Northeast. a Nina, like El Nino, is a pattern of weather
that can happen in the Pacific Ocean every less year. In a year that is normal, winds along the
equator drive warm water westwards. Water that is warm at the ocean surface blows to Indonesia
from South America. Water that is cols from the deep rises up to the surface as the warm water
moves west. This water that is cold ends up on the South America coastli...

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