Tesla Model 3 And Alon Musk CEO Of SpaceX Discussions

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COLLAPS Tesla has always been before it time in technology. Elon Musk has a brilliant mind when it comes to technology. Tesla third quarter lost also consisted of a drop in their stock of $2.94 per share on revenue of 2.98 billion (Ellingson, 2017). Tesla also decreased the production of 10 percent of the Model of Sand X vehicles. Even though, the fourth quarter did not do so well for the vehicle sector of the company (Ellingson, 2017). Elon Musk also had other investments such as solar energy. In 2018 the solar energy sector of the Tesla company planned to have a boost. The New York State build 1.2 million sq ft of solar panels were ran by Tesla and Panasonic. Also in 2017, Tesla lost another huge investment when the Space X project was not successful. Throughout all the downfalls of many business ventures, Tesla continues to maintain stability. Tesla continues to stay ahead of its time by investing in technology. (Ellingson, 2017) Although Elon Musk is a well respectable man and has a solid track record with success; the Tesla Model 3 has been challenging for him and Tesla to engineer perfectly. The concept of making Tesla accessible to more consumers was a smart move or so we thought. Tesla being a high end car maker, trying to make an electric car Model 3 has not been as easy as the decision makers hoped for. It is said that most of the consumers who pre-ordered the Model 3 have yet to receive their order. the ones who have not received their cars, received a note saying that they apologize for the inconvenience but their cars would be delivered at a later date without any specification as to when that date would be. the ones who have received their cars are not happy with it as they are saying that the quality is not the same as they have known Tesla to be. Mind you they reduce the price significantly to attract more buyers and to produce a cheaper Tesla, the material had to be cheaper, the paint, the door handle, the backup camera quality as well other parts are not the same on Model 3 as their previous models. Consumer reports saying that Tesla had been on its top pick list for safety for awhile as well as customers' satisfaction. But it says that Tesla has not always been consistent with its safety but the customers for the most part would overlook those issues. But a spokesperson for Tesla claimed that they have corrected the majority of their consumers' complaints and they take their consumers' complaints very seriously and would do all they can to correct those problems. The consumer reports saying that owners of Model 3s are still dissatisfied with their Model 3s. There are still concerns with the suspensions, paint, trims and other areas meanwhile at Tesla they are claiming that those problems have been taken care of. Tesla is not handling the complaints efficiently, they should have already addressed the concerns publicly, recalled all the Model 3s and fix all of the issues even if they lose capital re-branding Model 3s to re-gain customers' trust; it would have been worth it. But with the denial, I am not sure how they would be able to come back from this as the damage has already been done.
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I concur that Tesla has been a leader on the technology front in the auto industry largely
owing to its brilliant and talented CEO, Elon Musk. As a leader, Musk has steered the company

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