Tourism's Comparative Advantages Compared To Manufacturing

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1. Explain how and why destinations are classified?

2. How can cash flows be smoothed out through the year at snow holiday resorts?

3. How does seasonality impact destinations?

4. Why is the U. S. growing in popularity as a destination for international travelers?

5. How do researchers arrive at estimates of tourism activity?

6. Discuss tourism’s comparative advantages compared to manufacturing.

7. Why is tourism considered an export industry?

8. Describe the types of events that can quickly and severely diminish tourism activities.

9. Why do governments devote scarce resources to fund the promotion and development of tourism?

10. What steps must be taken to build a comprehensive tourism plan?

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Explain how and why destinations are classified?
Destinations are often classified into some classes that include the cultural, recreational,
ecological-biological, historical and geographical landscape. The classifications is done to ensure
that the tourists are able to select their preferred destination based on their preferences.
How can cash flows be smoothed out through the year at snow holiday resorts?
Cash-flow can be smoothened by having a surge or dynamic pricing. The products offered by the
snow should be flexible. The resorts can also have pricing promotions for particular days. For
instance, cheap Wednesday bargains to attract more visitors as well as reward them for loyalty.
How does seasonality impact destinations?
Because of seasonality, some destinations attract more visitors and tourists that they can be
accommodated. As a result, tourists willing to visit such destinations change their mind for fear of
facing challenges in securing accommodation. Seasonality also makes tourists change their
destination because...

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