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name and explain parts of a leath machine.somebody help me ASAP.

Oct 10th, 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to help you with your question!


The bed of Lathe goes about as the base on which the distinctive altered and operations parts of the Lathe are mounted. Machine beds are normally made as single piece throwing of semi-steel (i.e., toughened cast iron), 

with the expansion of little amount of steel scrap to the cast iron amid softening; the material 'cast iron' encouraging a simple sliding activity. In the event of amazingly expansive machines, the bed may be in two or more pieces, blasted together to from the craved length. Machine Bed are overwhelming unbending structure which is having high damping limit for the vibrations produced by machines amid machining. The inflexible structure will serves to stay away from avoidances. The aides and ways which are available on the highest point of the bed will go about as rails and backings different parts like tail stock. The bed will be planned in a manner that effectively rushed to the machine's floor shop. 

Head stock 

The head stock is the machine's piece which serves as a lodging for the driving pulleys and back apparatuses, gives bearing to the machine axle and keeps the last in arrangement with the bed. It is an altered part which will exhibit on the left half of the machine bed. Head stock will comprises of an empty shaft and drives unit like fundamental axle, food converse lever, live focus cone pulley and so on., The decreased bar with pointed or anticipated end is going to grasp the work piece between two focuses of machine bed. 

Tail stock 

It is additionally some of the time called the LOOSE HEAD-STOCK or PUPPET HEAD. It is mounted on the machine's bed such that it is fit for sliding along the last keeping up its arrangement with the head stock. On regular sorts of medium size or little size machines it is moved along the bed by hand, while in heavier sorts of machines it is moved by method for a hand wheel through a pinion which work with the rack gave on the machine's front bed. The fundamental capacity of the Tail stock is to give bearing and backing to the employment which is being worked between centers.To empower this, the tail stock is made to have various parts which on the whole help in its effective capacity. 


The machine carriage fills the need of supporting, managing and nourishing the device against the occupation amid the machine's operation. The carriage will present between head stock and tail stock which will slides on the bed methods for the machine bed. The carriage will offer food to the apparatus and it holds the instrument, for decrease turning the food is cross food, for turning it is longitudinal food. The carriage comprises of the accompanying parts. 

1. saddle 

2. cross-slide 

3. compound Rest 

4. Instrument post 

5. Aprone 


It is the carriage's piece which slides along the bed way and bolster the Cross-slide,compound rest and Tool post. 


The cross-slide capacity is to give slicing activity to the device and the activity of slicing device will be opposite to focus line of lathe.It can either be worked by hand, by method for the cross-food screw, or may be given force nourish through the Apron Mechanism. 

Compound Rest 

The compound Rest will be set over the cross slide and it comprises of a graduated roundabout base which is having swiveling nature. 

Apparatus post 

It is the top most piece of the carriage and is utilized for holding the apparatus or device holder in position. 


Aprone houses the food component, grip instrument split half nut, gears, leavers, The cover wheel can be turned by hand for longitudinal movement of the carriage. 


They are the backings which convey the whole heap of the machine over them.The winning practice is to utilize cast legs. Both the legs are solidly secured to the floor by method for establishment smudges with a specific end goal to avoid vibrations in the machine. One of these legs, as a rule the one on the left hand side of the administrator, serves as a lodging for the electric engine and countershaft and so on., Both these legs ought to be of powerful development.

Please let me know if you need any clarification. I'm always happy to answer your questions.
Oct 10th, 2015

i hope the answer will be helpful

Oct 10th, 2015

i look foward to working with you in future

Oct 10th, 2015

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Oct 10th, 2015
Oct 10th, 2015
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