Undocumented or illegal aliens in the United States

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What ideas do you have that would be effective in reducing this growing problem of undocumented or illegal aliens in the United States?

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Oct 10th, 2015

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better visa policies

The government should implement a better system that will effectively track down people who overstay their visas. Even if it means spending more funds and hiring more people, the government should push it in order to stop illegal immigration. Another solution is to implement much more strict immigration rules, including interviews, background checks, verification of employment, etc. Unless the government and other responsible agencies start to implement better visa programs, it would be hard or worse, impossible for us to eliminate this illegal immigration problem.

better job program

create a much more effective job program that will open opportunities to non-U.S. workers, so they would no longer have to enter the U.S. territory illegally.many immigrants move to the us in such of jobs and opportunities.a better program  if  implemented would ensure that these people use the proper means

use of civilian volunter groups

Allow the Use of Civilians on the Border to Solve Illegal Immigration.While civilian patrol groups are not legally authorized to conduct their activities, many concerned citizens support their action to increase our borders’ security. According to law, we, as citizens, have the right to defend ourselves, protect our properties, and make an arrest in case of breaches of the peace

strengthen border patrol

The Mexico-United States Border has an aggregate length of 1,954 miles. As an answer for the ceaseless illicit intersections, numerous individuals propose for a wall covering the whole length of the limit – which implies a 1954-mile obstruction.the border should also be maned by more persornel and available resources such as drones and military persornel

self deportation

The idea was really presented by Mitt Romney, which implies you make life for illicit settlers harder and excruciating that they will leave the nation VOLUNTARILY. It's a standout amongst the most discussed issues in America today, and numerous are in finished backing about this proposed arrangement as they trust that it's the response to lessening the quantity of illegals, who have entered and are entering the nation.

eliminate rewards for illegal immigrants

The proceeding with routine of procuring unlawful specialists, giving programmed citizenship to children of expatriates conceived inside of our borders, and giving open advantages to them, have gotten to be as what they say "a magnet" of illicit migration. They come here and stay here in vast numbers on the grounds that they trust that it is the spot of chances. As it were, we can't point the finger at them. With every one of the advantages we give, we're giving them vindication that what they accept is genuine – that America is the place where there are drain and nectar

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Oct 10th, 2015

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Oct 10th, 2015
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