Rethinking Assumptions About Group Therapy

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At this stage of the course, you should have a better understanding of how group therapy works, why it works, and what makes for an effective therapy group. To be an effective group therapy leader, you need to understand the complexities of group therapy and have the vision to see how you want your group to progress. As the therapy group’s leader, it is important to be present in your group, but also to be one step ahead.

For this Assignment, review this week’s media titled “Understanding Group Psychotherapy – Outpatients (parts 1 and 2).” Return to Week 1 and review your initial assumptions about group therapy. Consider how the video confirms or disconfirms your assumptions. In addition, think about how you might modify your assumptions based on what you saw in the video. Finally, consider what insights you had or conclusions you drew about group therapy.

The Assignment (4–5 pages)

  • Based upon the film, create a descriptive narrative explaining how the video confirms or disconfirms your assumptions about group therapy
  • Explain any changes you might make to your assumptions about group therapy based on the video
  • Explain any insights you had or conclusions you drew based on your review of the video

References: (Publisher). (2006). Understanding group psychotherapy: Outpatients, part 1. [Online video]. (Publisher). (2006). Understanding group psychotherapy: Outpatients, part 2. [Online video].

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Group Therapy
Group therapy is whereby one or more psychologists are leading a group of five or fifteen
members, the groups can be scheduled to meet for an hour or two hours each day, and some
patients attend both the group therapy and the individual therapy, but others only go for the
group therapy. Many groups target a specific problem like depression, social anxiety, obesity and
substance abuse as the patients get time together to share their problems. Group therapy mostly
helps people who have experienced loss and their loved one died by committing suicide as they
meet others and share their tragedies rather than having many unanswered questions why their
loved ones committed suicide.
Joining a group full of strangers can become quite uncomfortable for the patients who
had not had time to share their problems with anyone before, and it can also be intimidating
mostly to the introverts who cannot speak in a crowd of people (Kutter, 2014). In the case of
Alice who is too quiet as others are sharing their experiences in understanding group therapy
volume one claims that it takes her a lot of time to open up in such kind of settings as she is not
used to the people around her and that's why she cannot share her experiences. As much as group
therapy can create a sense of belonging it can also make people feel uncomfortable about the
Group therapy acts as a place where people feel that they can be understood because in
today's world it's very easy for people to feel like they are outsiders with the social media

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