Describe the cultural differences, views, values, and organizational culture of

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Describe the cultural differences, views, values, and organizational culture of Mehta Investment Group (MIG).

Oct 11th, 2015

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ThecasestudyisaboutasmallmultinationalfinancialinvestmentfirmlocatedinEnglandwithover$43millioninnetprofit and employs over500people.Thirteen employees of the firm have complained about Tthe display far"Swastika"by-workers Inthe workplace.Thecompanyisfacedwiththechallengesassociatedwithdiverseworkforcewithdifferentnationalities,cultural values, and religious beliefs,andlegalcomplicationsintheEuropeanUnion. 


MehtaInvestmentGroup[MIG]Inc.isaglobal,private,for-profit,financialinvestmentcompanyheadquarteredinLondon,Britain.TheownerandtheChairmanofthecompany,CameronMehta,startedthecompanywith$500dollarsasaresultofanargumentwithhisfatherattheageof20.Sinceitsinception,overthepast41years,companyhasgrowninthefinancialsectoroftheEuropeanUnion.Thefirm'core business is investment on behalf fits clients.In2007,thecompanyreported$43millioninnetprofits,hasclientsfromthe20membercountriesoftheEuropeanUnion,andemploysover500employeesinBritain,France,Germany,andSpain.Thecompanyisintherapidgrowthstageandhasprojecteda$50millioninnetprofitin2008.MehtaInvestmentGroupattributesitssuccesstothecorporateculturethatstemsfromtheleadershipstyleandpersonalvaluesofCameronMehta,Chairmanofthecompany.In addition,CameronMehtaattributesthesuccessofthecompanytohisdiverseemployees.Thediversework-forceofthecompanyiscomposedofdifferentnationalities,religious beliefs,and cultural values.Withthegrowthofthecompany,Cameronplanstoincreasehiswork-forcefrom500employeesto700overthenextfour years. 


Over the years, the company has nothadanyseriouscomplaintfromtheemployees.Thejobsatisfactionamongemployeeshasbeenveryhigh.Thecompanyhasenjoyedasteadygrowtheveryyearforthepast40years.Thegrowthandsuccessofthecompanyisduetodiversi y of employees at all levels of the organization, who a recharacterized as hard-working, dedicated ,loyal,family-oriented, and religious.The diverse workforce is composed of numerous religions and national origins.Also,thecompanyChairmanandthemajorityoftheemployeessharesimilarvalues,which have driven the growth and success of the company. As a result, more than 50% o the employees have been with the company for  15year s or more.The employee  turnover r rate is at 6% and well below the industry average of 26%.The diverse workforce has strengthened company's contacts in the industry and brought in clients of different national origins and from all 20 member countries of the European Union. Table 1 presents the breakdown of employees by national origin,location,and religion. 

Table 1: Company-Wide Employees 








AllysaLiverpool,theCEOofMehtaInvestmentGroup(aBritishcompany)receivesamemorandumfromPriyaMehta,theVicePresidentofOperations,regardingdissatisfactionamongseveralemployees.ThememorandumaddressesacomplaintfromthirteenemployeesthroughinternalEmployeeFeedbackCard.TheemployeesattheBritainlocationhaveexpressedtheirdissatisfactionandoutrageregardingsomeof the-workers displaying"RedSwastika"intheiroffices.ThethirteenemployeesfindthedisplayofswastikaoffensiveandacommendationofactsofNazi duringtheWWII.Thethirteenemployees'nationalitiesare—British(9),Indians (1),French(2),andOther(1).Thereligiousfaithsofthethirteenemployeesare:Judaism(6),Christianity(4),Islam(1),andOther(2). 

Althoughonly13employeeshavecomplainedaboutthedisplayofa"RedSwastika",Priya started"theproblemissevereandifanimmediatesolutionis notreached,itcouldgetoutofcontrol".Thepracticeofdisplayinga"RedSwastika"iscommontotheBritishandGermanlocationsandhasbeengoingonforover15years.However,shestressestheseriousnessofthedilemmaandemployeecomplaintsinceoneoftheemployeesmakingthecomplaint,aBritishnationalwithJudaismfaith,ismarriedtothesonoftheownerofamajorlocalnewspaper.Also,sheassessesthesituationtobeacompanywideissueandconnectedtothelawsofGermany,Britain,andtheEuropeanUnion. 

After few months,theissuewasbecomingamajorconcernasfewmoreemployeesjoinedinsupportofthecomplaint.Intheircomplaints,the employees have demanded that the company fire the employees displaying the"RedSwastika",provide an apology(fromCameronMehta)to the employees and their families s for allowing such a conduct,and pass company-wide policy banning the use and display of the "Swastika"in any form and in any place in the company,immediately. 

The Chairman 

CameronMehta,theChairmanofMehtaInvestmentGroup[MIG]Inc.,hasalwaysworkedforhim-self.Anentrepreneuratheart,hispassionwastostarthisownbusiness.Hehasneverworkedinmanagementpositionsforanycompanynorhashestartedmorethanonebusinessofhisown.HespenthisentirecareerwithMehtaInvestmentGroup[MIG]Inc.CameronMehta is theprimaryreasonof the success of the company, today.HewasraisedinLondon,is59yearsof age,and has anMBAdegreefromasmall,privateCollegeinLondon,Britain.HisparentsmetinLondonatanIndianfestivalcalledDiwali.HismotherwasanAnglo-GermanChristianandfatherwasanIndianmigratedfromIndiawithHinduismashisreligiousfaith.Camerongrewuptoappreciateboththecultures and religious faiths.Also,thenameCameron Mehta is arepresentationofbothAnglo-GermanandIndiancultures. 

DuringhispursuitoftheBachelorofBusinessAdministrationdegree,CameronMehta'sperformanceintheclasseswasbelowaverage(equivalenttotheUSeducationsystematorbelowC).Asaresult,one day,in an argument, Cameron'parentstoldhimthat"he will not be as successful person unless hehasthedisciplineanddrivetodosomethingwithhislife".Theyadded,"Itseemstousthatyouarewastingyourlifeawayalthoughwehaveinstilledthebestvaluesoftwoculturesinyou".Cameronhadatremendousamountofrespectforhisparentsandsawthemashisheroesandrolemodels.Hewantedtomakethemproud.So,his parents'swordshurthisfeelingsandhetookthemtoheart.Ononeside,toprovehisparentswrong,andontheotherside,nott disappoint them,Cameron chose to invest$500 dollars in the stockmarket.He had saved this money from the summer odd jobsasnewspaperdelivery boy, busboy, and a waiter.Hehadaspecialinterest inthestockmarketandoftenusedtolookatthestockpricesinthenewspapereveryweektoseehowcompaniesweredoingwiththeirstockprices.Whiledeliveringthenewspapersatage16,hehadconceivedadreamofbecomingamillionairebybuyingandsellingstocksofdifferentcompaniesbythetimehereachedtheageof30. 

CameronMehtaattributeshisandMehtaInvestmentGroup'ssuccesstothevalueshereceivedfromhisparents,whichincludediscipline,hard-work,honesty,loyalty,passion,leadership,family,and religious faith.Heliveshislifebythesevaluesonadailybasis.Forexample,healwaysarrivesatworkat7:30a.m.beforeanyemployeeandstartshisdaywithabriefprayerasperthereligiouspracticesinHinduismandChristianity.Accordingto his philosophy and administration style, employeesarepartofhisextended family.Thus,healwayswantstobeinformedofemployees'professionalaswellaspersonalgrowthandsuccess. 


AllysaLiverpool,theCEOofMehtaInvestmentGroup.(aBritishcompany),is50yearsofage.Priortojoiningthecompany,AllysawastheVicePresidentofFinance,DirectorofFinancialOperations,InvestmentAnalyst,FinancialPlanner,andInvestmentBrokerwithnumerousmultinationalcompaniesinFrance,Britain,Germany andSpain.Although aChristian,sherespectspeopleofallfaith fortheirbeliefsandpractices. Although,inherpastexperiences,Allysa'sclientsincludedhighpoweredandinfluentialpeople,shedidnothavetheopportunitytoworkwithemployeeswithvariedreligiousandculturalbackgrounds.Someofherclientswereprominentlawyers,doctors,top executives,politicians,parliamentmembers,highlevelgovernmentofficials,andontheForbesTop100RichestPeopleintheWorldfromnumerouscountriesintheEuropeanUnion.Althoughsheisnotincontactwiththemonaregularbasis,herrelationshipswithsomeofthemareverygood.Herpastrelationshipswiththeclients help thecompanyestablishagood imageofthecompanyandpublic relationsstandingwiththepublicandmedia. 



PriyaMehta hasaDoctorateinHuman ResourcesManagementfromaprominentIvyLeague UniversityintheUSA.SheisraisedinUSandBritainandis35yearsofage.AtMehtaInvestmentGroup[MIG]Inc.,shehasbeenthe VicePresidentofOperationsforthepast5 years.Priortojoiningthecompany,hercumulativeexperiencesof4yearsincludeDirectorofOperationsandAssistantDirectorofPublicRelationswithprominentcompaniesinUSandBritain. SheisthedaughteroftheChairmanofthecompany. As her father,shesharesthevaluesinstilledinherfromherparents.Sheiswellrespectedintheindustryandbytheemployeesathercompanyandmaintainsoutstandingrelations withtheemployeesandhisfather.She regards her father, Cameron Mehta,as her mentor, role model, and legend, in any case, oftenhasdisagreedwithher fatheronkeyissuesinthe bestinterestofthe company.SheregardsAllysaLiverpool,theCEOofMehtaInvestmentGroup[MIG],Inc.,tobelessconcernedabouttheemployeesandmorefocusedonthebottomline,i.e.,profitinmonetaryterms.DuetoPriya'sexpertiseinhumanresourcesandunderstandingofthelegalandregulatoryimplicationsrelatedtolaborissues,sheoftenfindsherselfopposingAllysaLiverpoolonmattersrelatedtohumanresourcesatthecompany. 



Itwastruethatsomeemployeesweredisplayinga"RedSwastika"thatwasmentionedinthecomplaint.Noone inthecompany wasdisplayingthe"Nazi Swastika". IntheHinduism, Buddhism, andJainismreligions, the"RedSwastika"isusedduringmarriageceremonies,religious prayers, housewarming parties,grandopeningceremoniesofanewbusiness,NewYearcelebrations,in homes and temples, and painted on the forehead fa baby on her/his first hair-trimmed

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Oct 11th, 2015

The contextual analysis speaks the truth a little multinational monetary speculation firm situated in England with 

over $43 millions in net proft and utilizes more than 500 individuals. Thirteen representatives of the fnn have 

griped about the showcase of a "S\uastika" by co-worlcers in the worlqlace. The organization is 

confronted with the difficulties connected with differing worlforce with dffirent rntirnalities, social 

values, and religictus convictions, and legitimate complicafions in the European (Jnion. 

Pivotal words And Subjects: Corporate Culturg Cross Cultural Management, Cultures, Divenity In The Work-place, 

European Union, Global Business, Human Resources, International Business, Leadership Philosophy, I-eadership 

Style, Legal Issues, Managing Across Cultures, Multinational Business, Nationalisrq Political Environment, open 

Relations, Regionalisr4 Rel igions, S wastika, and Work-Force Diversify. 


his contextual analysis addresses the accompanying issues: (l) initiative style and theory, (2) corporate 

society (3) HR arrangements, (4) work-power assorted qualities, (5) contrasts in societies (6) 

contrasts in religious convictions among workers, (7) laws relating to the utilization of religious images 

in the work place, for instance, the utilization of "swastika" in Europe, (8) endeavors by the European Union to pass a law 

against the utilization ofthe "Swastika'throughout Europe, and (9) advertising. 


Mehta Investment Group [MIG] Inc. is a worldwide, privatg for-benefit, money related speculation organization 

headquartered in London, Britain. The proprietor and the Chairrnan of the organization, Cameron Mehta, began the 

organization with $500 dollars as an aftereffect of aa contention with his dad at 20 years old. Since its initiation, over the 

recent years, organization has developed in the monetary segment of the European Union. The company's center business is 

venture in the interest of its customers. ln 20A7 , the organization reported $43 millions in net benefits, has customers from the 

20 part nations of the European Union, and utilizes more than 500 workers in Britain, France, Germany, and 

Spain. The organization is in the quick development arrange and has anticipated a $50 millions in net benefit in 2008. Mehta 

Venture Group credits its succes to the corporate society that comes from the initiative style and individual 

estimations of Cameron Mehta, Chairman of the organization. What's more, Cameron Mehta anributes the accomplishment of the 

organization to his various representatives. The assorted work-power of the organization is made out of distinctive nationalities, 

religrous convictions, and social qualities. 'With the organization's development, Cameron arrangements to build his work-power 

from 500 workers to 700 throughout the following four years. 


Throughout the years, mmpany has not had any genuine grumbling from the workers. The occupation fulfillment 

among workers has been high. The organization has delighted in an unfaltering development consistently for as far back as 40 years. 

The development and achievement ofthe organization is because of differences of representatives at all levels ofthe association, who are 

characteriz€d as persevering, committed, faithful, family-arranged and religious. The various work power is created 

of various religions and national roots. Likewise, the organization Chairnran and most of the workers offer 

comparable qualities, w*rich have driven the development and accomplishment of the organization. As a resulq more than half of the 


Jburnal of Business Case Studia *Julv 2008 Volame 4-Namher 7 

representatives have been with the organization for a long time or more. The representative tumover rate is at 6Yo and well beneath 

the business normal of 260/o. The different work-power has fortified organization's contacts in the business and 

gotten customers of diverse national inceptions and from every one of the 20 part nations of the European Union. Table I 

presents the breakdown of representatives by national inception, area, and religion. 

Table 1: Company-Wide Employees 

National Orisin Location Relision 

Ildian 6U/o Britain 8ff/n Hinduism 5V/n 

English Zff/o Germany }V/o Juda$m 25% 

Gennan l2%o France ASYo Christianitv 22% 

French A3o/o Soain 05yo Islam AZV" 

Other 05yo Other 0t% Other 0lo/n 


Allysa Liverpoql, the CEO of Mehta Investment Group (a British organization) gets a memoftmdum from 

Priya Mehta, the Vice President of Operations, with respect to disappointment among a few representatives. The 

notice addresses a protestation from thirteen workers through inward Employee Feedback Card. The 

representatives at the Britain area have communicated their disappointment and shock with respect to sonp ofthe associates 

showing a "Red Swastika' in their omces. The thirteen workers discover the showcase of swastika hostile and a 

acclamation of demonstrations of Nazi amid the WWtr. The thirteen workers' nationalities are-British (9)" Indians (l), 

French (2), and Other (l). The religious beliefs of the thirteen workers are: Judaism (6), Christianity (an), Islam 

(1), and Other (2). 

Albeit just 13 representatives have grumbled about the presentation of a "Red Suastika"', Priya expressed "the 

issue is serious and if a prompt arrangement is not came to, it could escape from control". The act of 

showing a "Red Swastika' is regular to the British and German areas and has been continuing for more than 15 

a long time. In any case, she focuses on the quandary's reality and representative grievance since one of the workers 

making the protest, a British national with Judaism confidence, is manied to the proprietor's child of a noteworthy neighborhood 

daily paper. Additionally, she evaluates tle circumstance to be a far reaching issue and joined with the laun of Germany, 

England, and the EuropeanUnion. 

Following a couple of months, the issue was turning into a rnajor worry as couple of more workers joined in backing of 

the protestation. In their grievances, the workers have requested that the organization terminate the representatives showing 

the "Red Swastika", give an expression of remorse (from Cameron Mehta) to the representatives and their families for permitting 

such a behavior, and pass an extensive arrangement banning the utilization and showcase of the "swastika" in any structure and in 

wherever in the organization, quickly. 

The Chairman 

Cameron Mehta, the Chairman of Mehta Investment Group [MIG] Inc., has dependably worked for him-self. 

A business person on the most fundamental level, his enthusiasm was to begin his own particular business. He has never worked in administration positions 

for any organization nor has he began more than one business of his own. He went through his whole vocation with Mehta 

Venture C'roup [MIG] Inc. Cameron Mehta is the prinrary reason of the organization's achievement, today. He was 

brought up in London, is 59 years old, and has a MBA degree from a little, private College in London, Britain. His 

folks met in London at an Indian celebration called Diwali. His mom was an Anglo-German Christian and father 

was arl Indian moved from India with Hinduism as his religious confidence. Cameron grew up to acknowledge both the 

societies and religious beliefs. Additionally, the name Cameron Mehta is a representation of both Anglo-Germ,an and Indian 



Diary of Business  Case Studies - Juht 2008 Vnlutnp4. Numhm 7 

Amid his quest for the Bachelor of Business Administration degreg Cameron Mehta's execution in 

the classes was underneath aveftrge (comparable to the US training framework at or beneath C). Subsequently, one day, in an 

contention, Cameron' folks let him know that "he won't be a fruitful individual unless he has the order and drive 

to accomplish something wth his life". They included, "we can't help suspecting that you are squandering your life away in spite of the fact that we have 

ingrained the best ralues of two societies in you". Cameron had a colossal measure of admiration for his guardians and 

considered them to be his legends and part nndels. He needed to do right by them. Along these lines, his guardian's words hurt his emotions 

what's more, he took them to heart. On one side, to demonstrate his guardians wrong, and on the other side" not to frustrate thenq 

Cameron chose to invst $500 dollars in the stock markel He had spared this cash from the mid year odd employments as 

daily paper conveyance kid, table attendant, and a server. He had an exceptional enthusiasm for the share trading system and regularly used to look 

at the stock costs in the daily paper each week to perceive how organizations were doing with their stock costs. While 

conveying the daily papers at age 16, he had considered a fantasy of buying so as to turn into a mogul and offering 

loads of distinctive organizations when he came to the age of 30. 

Cameron Mehta properties his and Mehta Investment Crroup's prosperity to the qualities he got from his 

folks, which incorporate educating diligent work, genuineness, faithfulness, energy, initiative, family, and religious confidence. He 

carries on with his life by these qualities regularly. For exarnple, he generally touches base at work at 7:3O a.m before any 

representative and begins his day with a brief supplication to God according to the religious practices in Hinduism aad Christianity. 

As per his logic and ledership style workers are a piece of his more distant family. In this way, he generally needs 

to be educated of errployees' expert and self-awareness and suocess. 

The Chief Executive Olficer 

Allysa Liverpool, the CEO of Mehta Investment Group. (a British organization), is 50 years old. Before 

joining the organization, Allysa was the Vice President of Finance, Director of Financial Operations, Investment 

Expert, Financial Planner, and Investment Broker with various multinational organizations in France, Britain, 

Germany and Spain. In spite of the fact that a Christiaq she regards individuals of all confidence for their convictions and practices. In spite of the fact that, 

in her past encounters, Allysa's customers included powerful and compelling individuals, she didn't have the 

chance to work with representatives with fluctuated religious and social foundations. Some of her customers were 

unmistakable legal counselors, specialists, top administrators, government officials, parliament individuals, abnormal state govemment authorities, and on 

the Forbe Top 100 Richest People in the 

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