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I am attaching hereto the course’s case study. The case describes an entrepreneurial business situation, and places you in the role of a decision-maker entrepreneur. Please work this case in teams. Read the case, relating it to concepts we have discussed in class, and then write a case report following the conventional format of (a) Executive Summary, (b) Case Description and Analysis, (c) Recommendations (d) Conclusion and (e) References. Use the questions where found in the text of the case, or at its end, as a guidance for your report, which should kindly be presented in double-spaced text, and size 12 Times New Roman font. Assessment of reports shall be based on (1) key Entrepreneurship terms referred to (2) appropriate decisions and recommendations, (3) style, language, and formatting and (4) case presentation. Please be careful to avoid mistakes of plagiarism, grammar and spelling. Plagiarized reports shall be nullified.

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501 Part 6 - Cases 502 Part 6 - Cases Questions for Discussion 1. Search the internet to read about the issues related to mercury in fish, and understand more about the concept of acid rain. 2. Should MASI sell, lease, or consider placing the machine at the point where fish comes off the boats? How would it insure that the equipment is being used properly? 3. What should be the main thrust of any marketing campaign to attract potential customers? Who is the major customer of this product (distributor, retailer or both) ? 4. Given that any Safe Harbor Certification will increase the cost to the end user, how do you insure that this customer would be willing to pay more for their fish? 5. What other initiatives might be possible for MASI to pursue given that it owns this unique technology? ...
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Whats up buddy?😀I completed the assignment and I used APA style for formatting and referencing.😎Everything should be clear but if you have any questions..hit me up and I will explain..😇Otherwise if the work is satisfactory, go ahead to complete and review the question below..👇

MASI Technology Case Study
Executive summary
Case Description and Analysis
Mercury in Fish and Acid Rain
Use of the Equipment
Safe Harbor Certification
Possible Ventures


MASI Technology Case Study




MASI Technology Case Study
Executive summary
The fishing industry in the US is a multi-billion industry that contributes to the economic
growth of the nation. However, the industry faces some challenges such as inadequate resources
and poorly managed enterprises. The fish harvested from the lakes and the oceans contain
considerably high levels of mercury, which is unsafe for human consumption (Okpala et al.,
2018). Increased human activities have contributed to the rise of toxic levels of mercury in the
environment. High levels of mercury in the body can cause bone deformities and growth
challenges in children. The affected group of people includes pregnant women, lactating
mothers, and children.
Nevertheless, some measures are being taken to ensure that the fish that is supplied in the
market contains acceptable levels of mercury. The company MASI Technology is responsible for
developing machines that are used in testing for toxicity levels in fish from high seas and local
lakes. This ensures that fish that pass the quality test are allowed into the market. Since the
quality tests are likely to increase the market price of the fish, it is essential to set a price that can
be affordable to the regular fish consumers. Furthermore, the technology should be made
available in every fish market to ensure that consumers eat fish with safe mercury levels. The
directive is also used to ensure that fish from around the world that are sold in the US market has
also undergone quality tests. Therefore, consumers are supposed to eat fish that has been tested
and found to contain standard levels of mercury.



Case Description and Analysis
Mercury in Fish and Acid Rain
Mercury is a naturally occurring element that is present in the environment and the earth's
crust in relatively small amounts. However, human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels
and incineration of waste increase the amount of mercury vapor in the atmosphere, in the ground,
and waterways as waste deposits (Okpala et al., 2018). This mercury eventually find...

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