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Using the insights from the lectures, case discussions, personal and professional ethics statements as a foundation; this assignment asks you to reflect on the ethical posture of a multinational corporation. You will research a multinational company and investigate its ethical policies and practices. These polices can normally be found using a Google search. The assignment will be graded for both content and grammar.

  • Choose a multinational corporation. Linkable list of multinational corporations:
    • Include a link to the corporate ethics policy page.
    • Write a summary of the most salient information that describes the ethical policy of the corporation.
  • Evaluate and describe how the corporate ethical policies, values, and perspectives may differ across different cultural groups, or whether for example the corporate practices and ethic statement addresses cultural and legal issues that may vary across nations or cultural groups.
  • Compare how the corporate ethical policies, values, and perspectives differ or are similar to your Professional Ethics Statement.
    • Based on this comparison would you be a good fit to work for this company? Why or why not?

    My Professional Ethics Statement is attached.

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Ethical Lens Inventory and Professional Ethics Statement Ayaan Kamadia 1 Reputation is an integral foundation for my professional life. I live my professional life applying my sensibility and considered equality so that I can build my fortitude and therefore enhance my growing ethical core and principles. I value my reputation, my sense of sensibility and considered equality to be key motivators to build my ethical standing and understanding as a person. Values regarding sensibility, being the following of heart over rationality to be an integral aspect of my life. While rationality allows us to look at the logical scenarios involved, sensibility allows us to truly understand the people and scenarios that we deal with on a daily basis. Emotions and passions of mine are influenced by reason, allowing me to take into account the facts but also allowing me to empathize with those around me. Another strong attribute of mine is that I have a preference for the value of equality. I believe that communities are the foundations of success and that truly united we stand. It is my belief that the community on the whole advance and that those in power do not abuse the system or marginalize people within the community. It is my belief that everyone has a voice and that we should all be heard. A gift of my ethical lens is the act of compassion. I can relate to others and am compassionate to their circumstances and do the best I can to assist them on their goals. My ethical path is that of the saint. This means that I believe in the following of the community’s knowledge of a matter to solve any issues that may arise. My role is to serve others while following the aforementioned knowledge. My vantage point is that of a camera. This means that my reputation lens allows me to focus on the current ‘snapshot’ of events, this current analysis of events allows me to live up to the ethical requirements that I have set for myself. My ethical self is a particular person with roles in the community. What this means is that instead of taking myself out from the scenario and formulating results, I rather try to figure out what someone I look up to would do and how they would handle the scenario at hand. My classical virtue is Fortitude. What this means is that I face hardships and uncertainties in my life with courage, never backing down from the matter at hand. This is a behavior that is integral to both professional and personal life prosperity. All the decisions I make are ones that allow me to lead to a virtuous character. This means that I constantly push myself to develop myself and prove my worth to the community. I am motivated by others opinion out of a desire to be the best version of myself. The reputation lens allows me to rely on the dialog of the community as validation for my actions and my future endeavors. Ethical dilemmas are handled by me moderating my desires so that I can help others in the community exceed and reach their ethical best. Ethical Lens Inventory and Professional Ethics Statement Ayaan Kamadia 2 Tradition informs most of my actions and allows me to further better myself as an individual. I constantly evolve by looking at the actions of those I look up to and the decisions they have made in the past. My fundamental question that ultimately informs all my actions is whether or not the action will set a good example. My role is to guide others through my actions and my decisions. A challenge of this reputation lens is the recognizing that perfection is never truly attainable. As people we are all flawed and if anything, it is these flaws that set us apart from one another and make us unique. My blind spot is unrealistic role expectations. Since I am a reputation lens, this means that I look towards the validation of my communities. This also causes the issue of being possibly overwhelmed by the community’s expectations and in turn setting unrealistic expectations for myself. In the pursuit of helping everyone, I can get blindsided by the fact that everyone is responsible for their own actions. My risk is that I am tempted to play the martyr. I am more drawn towards expecting recognition for my actions and this further plays into the need for self-validation. Even though being one who wants to ensure the needs of the community are met, I could suffer from the double standard of entitlement. If temptation of unethical activities overwhelms me, I’m more susceptible to using my role to deem benefits I classify as a perk of my position. This is extremely dangerous as I could risk losing the respect I need from the community. My vice could be the becoming hard of heart and running roughshod of individuals. This relates to the vices of arrogance, cowardice and lack of integrity. If I am not able to understand the requirements of my role, I may deflect my roles onto others in the community and lose my place in it. My crisis ultimately is confusion. In the midst of wanting to be reputable and reliable to the community, I am more prone to losing my ethical center due to rising expectations and also the occasional personal crises. This may affect y effectiveness in the community and therefore could lead to my roles in the community being taken away and thus destroying my central ethical core. I believe my professional ethics statement reflects my core values and areas for growth that are stated above. There is room for improvement for me to grow, and if I stay true to my path then I will be less likely to fall to any unethical decisions. As for dealing with my blind spot, I must understand what the realistic expectation of me are and I should work to fulfill them. Setting unrealistic goals will only harm me as I will not be able to live up to them. The Results Lens is another perspective on ethical core values and beliefs. They rely on the beliefs of autonomy and sensibility. The autonomy aspect being in direct contrast to my Reputation lens. I respect these differences; because while I believe in the strengths of community and how it is truly together, we stand, sometimes scenarios require us to rely on autonomy and self-problem solving instead of a group approach. I understand that there are times when we need to be completely responsible for our decision making and it is more effective to make these discussions autonomously. Ethical Lens Inventory and Professional Ethics Statement Word Count: 1092 words Ayaan Kamadia 3 ...
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Corporate Ethics Assessment




Corporate Ethics Assessment
Apple Inc. is one of the leading and largest multinational organizations founded by the
late Steve Jobs. The organization has successfully managed to produce high quality of products
with an increase in demand for technology innovation (Johnson et al.,2012). Apple Inc. aims at
creating simple technology with high value. The organization is known for its development in
the designing of hardware and software electronic products. In accordance with the company's
mission and vision, Apple Inc. has proved to be one of a leading organization that deals with

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