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I need you to use only these readings, you must properly in-text cite them

Textbook Readings: Kerzner, Chap. 7, 9

Textbook Readings: Kerzner, Chap. 4 and Textbook Readings: PMBOK, Chap. 3.2

Below are the sources, they are readily available, you must use only these

Kerzner, (2019). Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and

Controlling, Chapter 3,

PMI, (2019). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide),

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Assignment Description Your company's IT department experiences a great deal of conflict in connection with its projects. There is a constant tension between finding new resources for important new projects and maintaining support resources to meet the operational needs of the existing systems. In a 3-5 page report, discuss the following: • How can your company meet the challenge of organizing projects within such an environment? • What can your company tell its project teams about the nature of conflict, including how to avoid it, how to recognize it, and how to resolve it? • Reference all sources using APA style. Please submit your assignment.
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Project management

Rosen Kathy
Tilbourg University




Project Management
Organizations can be said to be the most significant structures where society functions.
The community carries most of its social and economic life the business, civic, social and
religious organizations. Understanding the working mode of companies, how they are designed,
the way they change through internal processes and the method the change can be guided is of
considerable interest both for the workers the people who study the organization. The world is
very competitive, and hence most of the things in the organizations are upgrading, not forgetting
that they must maintain the previous methods to keep the last project. What they must adopt the
new techniques using the new resources is for them to solve new projects more effectively. The
consequences are far-reaching and have a devastating effect on the development of the
The IT department of my company is facing the same issue where there is a conflict in
connection with its projects. In the company, there is constant tension in finding new resources
for critical new projects. The company can meet the challenge of organizing the projects within
such an environment using the following project management processes. For any project, five
project management processes are essential and required for projects to be successful. There are
many phases in projects most of the stages are related to each other and has to take place
efficiently for a project to be successful. The first thing the company should be focused on is
initiating the process of the project. It consists of the operations that are performed in the
definition of a new project or one of the phases of the existing project by obtaining proper
authorization in regards to the project. The stakeholders are assigned, and the process of
appointing a project manager who goes through too much vetting is started. The charter to the



project is awarded. For the big complex projects in the company, the project is divided into
different phases. (PMBOK guide, 2017, pp. 63-104)
The next thing is to plan for the process that will take place in the project. This is the
process that is used in establishing the entire scope of the effort, and the objective is defined and
refined an...

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