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Question #1

• If you were to be given the opportunity to be part of the Communications and Public Relations Department in a newly established institution, in an entirely new sector, what steps would you propose to be taken into consideration for its foundation? Kindly state the tasks, responsibilities, sections, specialties, facilitators and determinants necessary for such an undertaking. Take into consideration the prioritization of the mentioned components.

The space sector has a diverse target audience spanning geographically to include numerous countries, languages and cultures, and varies to include all social segments regardless of educational and economic levels, age, and their influence on decision-making.

Describe this audience with 300 words , and in a table define key characteristics of each group and suggest a means to reach them using proper channels and most appropriate methods for space related issues.

Question #2

The space sector is not novice territory for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its work in the field started almost 35 years ago with a team of Saudis conducting experiments and running Saudi Arabia's role in the space mission aboard Discovery in 1985. The trip is widely renowned in both the Arab and Islamic Worlds for having the first Arab astronaut HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman. Saudi Arabia has since continued in the field without vigorous media coverage, expanding research institutions, qualifying Saudi scientists, establishing specialized centers and institutions of which the most prominent falls under KACST, not to mention individual and institutional efforts. Today there are 15 successfully launched Saudi satellites made locally by Saudis, using technology developed by Saudis.

Saudi Arabia has partaken in advanced scientific missions on an international level such as the exploration of the far side of the moon with the Chinese. All this paved the way to establish a space commission in Saudi – so "Today is not the Start of the Saudi Space Sector"

If this were to be a title of a media article, and you were tasked with (pitching) attracting an international media outlet to write (or film) a report on the topic, how would you pitch it so as to draw their attention and convince them of the idea (write a 300-word letter to the media representative stating the targeted means and why you believe this topic is of interest).

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Running Head: Assignment

Assignment 2

Q1: Communications and Public Relations Department
Communication entails relaying out of information to a particular targeted audience which in this
case can be either to employees of an organization or the general public. Public relations involve
maintaining a reputable image of any given company both within and outside the company.
These two can be combined to form a department in an organization.
Some factors ought to be taken into consideration when establishing such a department. These
factors include operation cost, departmental panel, and responsibilities of each member.
Operation cost will cover the amount of money required to cater for the daily running of the
department. The departmental panel will consist of five members, i.e., chairperson, secretary,
treasurer, public relations representative, and communication representative. Chairperson is the
one to organize and schedule the weekly meetings of the panel, and secretary will be taking
minutes of the weekly meetings of the panel, the treasurer will handle and communicate the
financial matters of the panel and any other financial passed by the panel. The two
representatives are the ones to bring forth complaints and other issues that need to be addressed
to the panel from their respective departmental sections. The departmental panel will be required
to handle all departmental mat...

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