Capella RPZ Marketing Lack of Social Media Business Problem Assignment


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For this assignment, you will:

  • Complete research on the business problem you finalized in the Unit 7 assignment.
  • Identify alternative solutions to the problem.
  • Use critical thinking to select, explain, and justify the solution you think would be best for RPZ Marketing.


Finalize the research you conducted. Use what you have learned to write a 5-page research paper using the following outline.


  1. Title page.
  2. Introduction: Problem Statement for RPZ Marketing.
    • Identify a business problem that poses obstacles to the success of RPZ Marketing.
  3. Importance of Problem to RPZ Marketing.
    • Explain why this problem is important to RPZ Marketing.
  4. Benefits to RPZ of Solving the Problem.
    • Describe the benefits RPZ Marketing would experience if the problem is solved.
  5. Alternative Solutions for the Problem.
    • From your research, identify two to three alternative solutions to the problem. Cite your sources.
  6. Evaluation of Alternative Solutions for RPZ Marketing.
    • Evaluate the potential solutions, explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each solution for RPZ Marketing.
  7. Conclusion.
    • Describe the solution you recommend as best for RPZ Marketing and the reasons for your decision.
  8. References.

Submission Requirements

  • Written communication: Communication should be clear, well-organized, and support a central idea, with no technical writing errors, as expected of a business professional.
  • References: References and citations are formatted in a consistent style, with a preference for current APA style and formatting.
  • Number of resources: Minimum of three scholarly resources to support the solution.
  • Length of paper: A minimum of five typed, double-spaced pages, excluding the title page and references.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

Refer to the scoring guide to ensure that your work meets the grading criteria.

Once you have completed your assignment, submit your paper to SafeAssign as a draft. Review the report and correct any citations you missed or cited incorrectly, then turn your assignment in to your instructor.

This assignment is due by 11:59 pm central standard time on Sunday.

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Running head: BUSINESS 1 References Located to Support Project Research and Writing Capella University March 25, 2019 BUSINESS 2 References Located to Support Project Research and Writing Problem Statement “Training is one way that RPZ should embrace in order to improve employee skills. In the event that the training programs are defective, the chances of failed marketing objectives are very high. It is the role of senior leaders at the RPZ marketing department to consider accelerating employee training programs in order to streamline product marketing. Senior management at RPZ marketing docket to understand the special needs of the employees hence they should be at the forefront of guiding workshops to enhance employee skills”. References to Support Project Research and Writing Dhar, R. L. (2015). Service quality and the training of employees: The mediating role of organizational commitment. Tourism Management, 46, 419-430. First and foremost, the research topic was about “Using Training to Develop Employee Skill.” Similarly, this resource is relevant as it focuses on the impact of training on the services offered by the workers working in Indian hotels catering to the tourists. According to this article, as an improved employee skill, the services quality provided by these workers in those tourist hotels become achieved as e result of their accessibility to training. Diamantidis, A. D., & Chatzoglou, P. (2019). Factors affecting employee performance: an empirical approach. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 68(1), 171-193. BUSINESS 3 The relevance of this resource occurs due to the fact that employee training is a factor influencing the employment performance that depends on improved or underdeveloped skills. Therefore, concerning this resource, the training culture on the employees has the strongest direct or indirect impact on job performance. Furthermore, training promotes intrinsic motivation associated with improved employee skill, which in turn directly affects their job performance. Hafeez, U., & Akbar, W. (2015). Impact of training on employees’ performance (evidence from pharmaceutical companies in Karachi, Pakistan). Business Management and Strategy, 6(1), 49-64. Similarly, this topic as well becomes relevant as it dwells on the impact of the employee training on their performance associated with their skill level. It is thus helpful as it states the importance of expense in training for the benefit of improving employee performance. Regarding this article, through training, there becomes an improvement in performance areas like customer service, and the development areas like job satisfaction, new technologies and employee motivation, which mainly occur as a result of enhanced skills. Hanaysha, J. (2016). Examining the effects of employee empowerment, teamwork, and employee training on organizational commitment. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 229, 298-306. The resource majorly focuses on three factors including employee training, teamwork and employee empowerment on the organization commitment between employees. However, creating an organization commitment between workers causes favorable organizational results. Therefore, the relevance occurs because favorable organizational end results occur as a result of BUSINESS 4 the developed working skills through training. It is thus helpful as it reveals that just like other factors like teamwork and employee empowerment, employee training yields a positive impact on the organizational commitment equivalent to the favorable organizational outcome that occurs due to enhanced employee operation skills. Jaworski, C., Ravichandran, S., Karpinski, A. C., & Singh, S. (2018). The effects of training satisfaction, employee benefits, and incentives on part-time employees’ commitment. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 74, 1-12. Concerning the research topic of “Using Training to Develop Employee Skill,” this resource is as well relevant as it concentrates on what employee training satisfaction, workers benefits, and motivations have on part-time employees. It is thus important as is shows that training of part-time employees leads to job performance consistency, higher job satisfaction, and greater guest satisfaction due to the competency of the trained workers. Based on your research, did you make changes to your problem statement? o I did not make any revisions to my problem statement based on my research: indicate Yes or No. o I revised made the following changes to my problem statement based on my research: indicate Yes or No. Revised Problem Statement o If you made revisions to your original problem statement, type your revised problem statement. BUSINESS 5 Employees are the primary assets of all organizations including RPZ. Moreover, the success of the RPZ greatly depends on the employee's performance related to the developed employee skills. However, the importance of the expense in employee training has the benefit of enhancing employee performance. Therefore, in the event of defective training programs, the chances of failed marketing objectives become very high as a result of limited employee commitment and organizational commitment. It is thus the responsibility of the senior leaders of the RPZ marketing department to observe the acceleration of such training programs to restructure the product marketing. The senior management at RPZ marketing docket to comprehend the special needs of employees thus they should be at their forefront of guiding the training workshops to enhance the job performance through training satisfaction that improves the employee's skills. Running head: USING TRAINING TO DEVELOP EMPLOYEE SKILL Using Training to Develop Employee Skill Capella University March 10, 2019 1 USING TRAINING TO DEVELOP EMPLOYEE SKILL 2 Using Training to Develop Employee Skill 1. Describe your area of greatest interest in the RPZ case I am eager to know how employee training and development programs at RPZ are necessary in improving organizational skills. Enhanced employee skills do play crucial role in enabling the organization to attain a unique competitive edge in the respective industry (Laaroiu, 2015). Indomitable strategies of employee training create a conducive environment for them to improve their productivity. I am of the idea that unmatched strategies of training programs are essential in streamlining the manner in which EPZ product sales and marketing is implemented. I am also eager to know if training enables RPZ to come up with top notch strategies of merging with other companies. 2. Describe the ideas, factors, or issues you believe are most closely related to this area of interest. I think organizational leaders should consider understanding needs of company employees before coming up with the necessary strategies of improving their skills. I am of the idea that organizational leaders ought to be aware of how the training program should be done, who should be in charge and the duration. I am convinced that training program to improve employee skills cannot be accomplished without conducting occasional workshops, embracing the transformational leadership style and appreciating the fact that workplace diversity is such a noble course for the company. I think that issues such as limited organizational resources, compromised communication channels and the defective leadership style do pose as barriers for successful implementation of employee training programs. Without having a clear plan, it is USING TRAINING TO DEVELOP EMPLOYEE SKILL 3 almost hard to the set objectives and goals of enhancing employee skills to be accomplished within the right timeframe. 3. Describe what you are assuming is true about this situation I am assuming that the organization can enhance employee skills through training programs. This should be done in a highly choreographed manner due to the fact of some number of issues. I am also assuming that embracing transformational leadership style is a key requirement to realize success. Transformational leaders do have capacity to identify missing links within the organization and thus they rely on situational leadership to ensure that employee skills have been improved. I am assuming that all organizational employees should be brought on board during the real process of organizing for conferences to improve their skills. Including them at the preliminary stages of organizing for training programs is necessary in eliminating chances of them resisting to change. 4. Explain what major aspect of this problem you think is worth exploring I am guessing that specific decisions have to be made to address special needs of organizational employees. I am also guessing that best blueprints should be put in place to address ever ending needs of the employees in order to ensure that development of personal talents has been attained. Problem Statement Training is one way that RPZ should embrace in order to improve employee skills. In the event that the training programs are defective, chances of failed marketing objectives are very high. It is the role of senior leaders at RPZ marketing department to consider accelerating USING TRAINING TO DEVELOP EMPLOYEE SKILL employee training programs in order to streamline product marketing. Senior management at RPZ marketing docket to understand special needs of the employees hence they should be at the fore front of guiding workshops to enhance employee skills. 4 USING TRAINING TO DEVELOP EMPLOYEE SKILL Reference Laaroiu, G. (2015). Employee motivation and job performance. Journal of Linguistic and Philosophical Investigations 5 ...
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RPZ Marketing
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The RPZ Marketing Problem Statement
Lack of sufficient social media consultants who have undergone proper training is among
the significant challenges that the RPZ marketing faces. After the implementation of the RPZ
and Genaflek merger, RPZ went ahead with its operations without foreseeing the need for
professional social media marketing to serve both the existing and new clients. On the other hand,
Genaflek did move into the merger with their consultants. These consultants, however, had
minimal knowledge necessary in the operations of social media marketing. This inadequacy has
brought about several disadvantages in RPZ. For instance, the consultants from Genaflek cannot
handle the new problems that arise in the process of social media marketing for new clients
(Diamantidis & Chatzoglou, 2019). The existing customers also fail to acquire satisfactory
services as the consultants have inadequate training on the subject matter. Therefore, RPZ
Marketing needs to find solutions for the problem urgently.
The Problem's Significance to RPZ Marketing
The need for having a team of well-trained social media marketing consultants is one that
cannot be ignored by RPZ Marketing. This need is because the company risks a significant loss
of revenue as well as a damaged brand or reputation if the problem does not get prompt attention
and solution. The RPZ sales teams cannot fish in new clients as a result of inadequately trained
consultants in social media marketing while the existing clients may opt to terminate their
contracts to seek better services from other competing companies. Another issue is that there
could be a reduction in employee morale or some of the employees may quit their jobs in the
company. This demotivation may be as a result of the resentment that may occur between the
social media marketing staff from Genaflek and those from RPZ. The few trained RPZ social



media marketing personnel also face the risk of burning out due to the overwhelming task of
handling many clients.
Benefits of Solving the Problem to RPZ Marketing
RPZ marketing stands the chance of reaping many benefits after handling the social
media marketing consultant inadequacy. To begin with, smooth and efficient operations in the
company will be assured once the social media marketing staff receive pr...

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