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American History


American History

The United States of America is a developed country that gained its independence on 4 th
July 1776 from the British after the United States based rebel leaders won the revolutionary war
against their colonial masters – the British, making the United States of American Declaration of
Independence starting a new country (Brinkley, 2015). Notably, American history goes way back
before 1500 BC when Native American who constituted of the Indian Americans and the
Indigenous Americans. It is stated that the main activities the Native and Indigenous Americans
practiced were hunting and gathering, making it their cultural and economic activities.
A Historical Scene in a Historical Movie about American History
Our essay will be based on a historical adventure film that was developed and written by
Roselyn Bosch and directed by Ridley Scott, “Conquest of Paradise” is based on a true story on
how Christopher Columbus sailed into America and the effects both positive and negative his
discovery had to the people of Italy and Native Americans. The movie is based on a fictionalized
story of an Italian - based navigator who discovered the existence of America, and the effect his
discovery had to Native Americans who lived in America.
In the film Conquest of Paradise, Christopher Columbus an Italian based navigator
arrived in Native America in 1492 and found it is owned by the Native Americans who
comprised of Indian Americans and the Native Americans. Remarkably, Christopher Columbus
hence declared himself the founder of Native America since no other explorer has been into the
Native American soils and waters (Males, 2002). The Spanish transatlantic maritime expedition
led by Captain Christopher Columbus settled and invented virgin and fertile and unclaimed land.

The voyages of the Spanish transatlantic maritime expedition, therefore, had ample time t o
explore conquest and colonize Native America.
Christopher Columbus made four voyages to Native America between 1492 1502 all
funded by the Spanish government where he discovered Native America, explored and enslaved
some of the Native Americans such as the Carib tribe commonly known as the Kalinagos tribe
that was based in Windward Islands, Dominica, and the Leeward Islands. Nevertheless, the
Spanish king had refused to support Christopher’s idea to enslave the N...

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