WRT201 Connection Between Life and Work of Robert Frost Poetry Research Paper

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Chosen poet is Robert Frost

Chosen poem is "Nothing Gold Can Stay"

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WRT 201 Poetry Research Paper Topic: You are to write about the connections you can make between the life, the works, and the time period in which your approved poet lived. Obviously, you must read biographical material about the poet and some of what the poet has written. Discover what life was like for your poet. Which writers influenced your poet? What events would have had greatest impact? What themes dominate your poet's poems? We will be using databases approved by the BCC library to conduct this research. NOTE: Wikipedia is not an acceptable resource; however, it can be a useful starting point, General Outline: The first section of your paper should provide extensive biographical information (this should take the first 1-1/2 to 2 pages). Use multiple sources for this section (I would suggest at least two or three) in order to provide the most complete information. The second section of your paper will include a copy of a significant poem or two (this should be on its own page; if your poem(s) require more than one page, see me), followed by an analysis of the poem. This may include a discussion of the poem's rhythm, rhyme scheme, meter, and literary devices such as metaphors, symbols and personification, followed by a reflection upon how those elements enhance the poem's meaning, The third section of your paper will make connections between the author's life (as outlined in your first section) and the author's work (as discussed in your second section). To enhance your claims, you will need to explore both biographical and critical information about your poet (another 2 or so sources). Due by the end of the semester Format: MLA format is required for this assignment, which should be 7-8 pages in length when complete. You MUST include a Works Cited page. (NOTE: I am available to provide extra assistance if you would like some one-on-one help!)
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This paper provides an explication and interpretation of the life of Robert frost. Robert frost is
attribute to his simplistic, rural and optimistic messages in his poems. Robert frost was born to
William Prescott Frost and Isabelle Moodie on March 26, 1874. His dad worked as a journalist
and his mom was a teacher. At just eleven years old Robert frost lost his father who succumbed
to tuberculosis. This left them in a financially awkward position which later forced Robert and
her mum to move to Lawrence, Massachusetts. Here he would receive support and guidance
from his paternal grandfather, William Frost, Sr.
It is during his stay in Lawrence, Massachusetts that Robert developed an interest in writing. His
first publishing was a poem he wrote for his school magazine while at Lawrence High School.
Robert successfully completed his high school and enrolled Dartmouth College. However his
stay at Dartmouth College was short-lived as he returned home and started working on a couple
of jobs including delivering and editing newspapers. This was until 1894 when Robert frost
made a breakthrough in poetry. This is when he sold his first poem “My Butterfly” to the New
York Independent for fifteen dollars. He also had a number of poems privately printed. This
launched his status as a professional poet.

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With this encouragement frost decided to propose to his former schoolmate Elinor Miriam
White. The two came to an agreement to wait for Elinor to complete her studies before they
could officially get married. At the mean time frost also decid...

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