CHEM 110L Molecular Weight of a Vapor by Duma’s Method Chemistry Lab 6-8

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This is General Chemistry Experiments please find the attachments Post lab 6 and Pre lab 8 questions I need answer them I NEED THEM TYPING.


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CHEM 110L Chemistry Lab gin Experiment # 8 Pre-Lab Questions Name __________________________ Student ID ______________ Date ______________ 1. Write the formula relates the gram molecular weight of a volatile liquid to pressure, volume, temperature of vaporized liquid, and the mass of the condensed liquid after condensation from the vapor state. Indicate the proper units for each factor in the formula. 2. If the barometric pressure is reported to be 30.30 inches of Hg, what is the pressure in: (a) mmHg? (b) kPa? (c) atm? 3. Using the ideal gas equation, find the number of moles of a gas hat occupies a volume of 5.00 L at 25oC and 740 mmHg. 4. What is the purpose of using a crystal of iodine in this experiment? 5. What special safety precaution must be observed in this experiment? ...
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Lab experiment outline paper
The question done are as follows
Lab 6
Question 1 to 5
Lab 8
Question 1 to 5

Running Head: EXPERIMENT #6


Experiment #6

Running Head: EXPERIMENT #6


1. Write the molecular equation and b) the net ionic equation for the reaction of
H2 SO4 with NaOH
a) Answer
2NaOHaq + H2 SO4 (aq) → Na2 SO4 aq + 2H2 Ol
b) Net Ionic equation
−1 + H + → H O
2 l

2. Exactly 25 mL of 0.1522 M H2 SO4 were needed to titrate 45.25 ml of NaOH according to the
balanced equation in problem 1 above.
a) Calculate the moles of NaOH needed in the reaction
Moles of H2 SO4 needed
moles of H2 SO4 =

concentration of H2 SO4 × volume of H2 SO4

moles of H2 SO4 =

0.1522 × 25
= 0.003805 moles

mole ratio
NaOH: H2 SO4 = 2: 1
Moles of NaOH
moles of NaOH = moles H2 SO4 × 2 = 0.003805 × 2 = 0.00761 moles
𝐀𝐧𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐫: 𝐦...

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