In the novel Sula, how does Nel and Sula's friendship show a theme of happiness?

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When the two were together, they are happy playing or looking at boys, but when they drifted apart, Nel's perspective on happiness changed to starting a family, while Sula wanted to be more independent and sleep with a lot of men.

My teacher really wants us to analyze the meaning behind the topic we choose to answer. He wants an in-depth analysis. I would like the essay to be more than 600 words but not more than 700. I want the essay to have quotes from the novel that go along with my proposed question. I want an essay that is clear, functional/flows nicely, but also in a professional manner. This is for an AP Lit class that is treated like a quality level class, so I need a quality paper. He really wants a deeper meaning pulled from the paper. He wants us to understand what Morrison is really trying to say. I'm not exactly sure what the deeper meaning is, but I think it may be how your perspective on happiness changes based off of the people you surround yourself with.

I would like an introduction paragraph with some type of hook to go along with my essay.

I would like the conclusion to be a really good wrap up of the essay and just moving/powerful.

I know this is last minute, but the previous person who I gave this to did not do a good job at all, so please only show interest if you are willing to write an amazing paper!!

The rubric my teacher gave me is attached below.

Thank you!

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Submit your SULA paper here. Keep in mind the following: 1) Your paper should be 500-750 words long. 2) Your paper should be on a topic of your own choosing, with a strong thesis that says something of substance about the novel. 3) Your paper should well-structured, with a distinct style and point of view representing your voice as a writer. 4) Remember that your work is evidence based, with your commentary touching on both the language and the themes of the text. It's important that your lens is focused on WHAT MORRISON DOES TO ACHIEVE MEANING 5) All MLA rules apply.
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Hello, I have finished and attached the paper.

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The of happiness as reflected by Sula and Nel’s friendship in the novel Sula
Contentment, pleasure, satisfaction, cheerfulness are synonyms that best describe
happiness. The novel Sula features the protagonist Sula and Nel who happen to be the lenses to
which happiness is seen through. Having been friends from adolescence to adulthood, the stage
at which they part, a lot about happiness can be deduced across this period. Nevertheless, it is
also important to note that there is also much about happiness that can be derived from their lives
even after parting ways although the aspects of happiness, contrary to happiness in their initial
friendship, seems to reflect in a diminishing perspective. In essence, the theme of happiness in
the novel Sula cannot be explic...

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