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This week, I challenge you to test your mindset to find out if you already have a Growth Mindset or a Fixed Mindset! 

  • Head to http://mindsetonline.com
  • Look for the "Test Your Mindset" link at the top of the page
  • Take the quiz
  • Discuss what you learned about your mindset
  • What challenges and opportunities do you see for yourself?
Oct 16th, 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to help you with your question!

You agreed with 6 of Fixed Mindset statements and 4 of Growth Mindset Statements.

You have mostly a Fixed Mindset. The book shows you how to avoid the pitfalls of the Fixed Mindset, how to develop more of a Growth Mindset, and how to apply a Growth Mindset most effectively

challanges and opportunitiess of a fixed mindset

Benjamin Barber, a prominent humanist, once said, "I don't separate the world into the powerless and the solid, or the victories and the disappointments... I partition the world into the learners and nonlearners." 

What on earth would make somebody a nonlearner? Everybody is conceived with an extraordinary drive to learn. Newborn children extend their abilities day by day. Ordinary abilities, as well as the most troublesome errands of a lifetime, such as figuring out how to walk and talk. They never choose it's too hard or not justified regardless of the exertion. Children don't stress over committing errors or embarrassing themselves. They walk, they fall, they get up. They simply freight boat forward. What could put a conclusion to this abundant learning? The settled outlook... 

In the settled outlook it's insufficient just to succeed. It's insufficient just to look shrewd and capable. You must be essentially immaculate. What's more, you must be perfect immediately... All things considered, in the event that you have it you have it, and on the off chance that you don't you don't... 

This longing to consider yourself immaculate is frequently called CEO sickness. In Mindset, I investigate a few CEO who had awful, even deadly, instances of this malady. 

Past how traumatic a mishap can be in the altered mentality, this attitude gives you no great formula for overcoming it. On the off chance that disappointment implies you need skill or potential—that you are a disappointment – where do you go from that point? It is safe to say that you are similar to Bernard Loiseau or Jim Marshall? Them two had huge mishaps, yet one and only of them survived. In Mindset, you'll discover why. 

The Truth About Ability and Achievement 

Attempt to picture Thomas Edison as distinctively as possible. Consider where he is and what he's doing. Is it accurate to say that he is separated from everyone else? I asked individuals and they generally said things like this: 

"He's in New Jersey. He's remaining in a white coat in a lab-sort room. He's hanging over a light. All of a sudden, it works! [Is he alone?] Yes. He's sort of a hermitic gentleman who likes to tinker all alone." 

In truth, the record demonstrates truly an alternate individual, working in truly an alternate way. 

Edison was not a recluse. For the light's creation knob, he had 30 collaborators, including very much prepared researchers, frequently working all day and all night in a corporate subsidized best in class lab! 

It didn't happen abruptly. The light has turned into the image for that solitary minute when the splendid arrangement strikes, however there was no single snippet of innovation. Truth be told, the light was not one creation, but rather an entire system of tedious developments each requiring one or more scientists, mathematicians, physicists, specialists, and glass blowers. 

Yes, Edison was a virtuoso. Be that as it may, he was not generally one. His biographer, Paul Israel, filtering through all the accessible data, supposes he was pretty much a general kid of his time and place. ...What inevitably set him separated was his outlook and drive... There are numerous myths about capacity and accomplishment, particularly about the solitary, splendid individual all of a sudden creating astonishing things. Section 3 disperses those my

Please let me know if you need any clarification. I'm always happy to answer your questions.
Oct 16th, 2015

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Oct 16th, 2015
Oct 16th, 2015
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