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Topic: Should smoking be banned?

You can write that should be banned or should not be banned, but only a point of view can be stated in this article. There can be no two perspectives.

Thesis statement: You must have three ideas to support your point of view.

The article consists of five paragraphs.

The first paragraph is to write an introduction (content includes hook, background, Thesis statement)

Write your first supporting idea in the second paragraph. (Content includes your topic sentence, explanation or something support your ideas)

The second paragraph writes the second supporting idea (same with fist paragraph)

The third paragraph writes the last supporting idea (same with fist paragraph)

Review your main points and your thesis statement

To help you better understand, I will provide you with an outline photo as a reference for the article format, and I also have an article rating standard, I hope this can help.

This article needs to use some references.

This article requires the use of APA format

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OUTLINE Introductory paragraph: Give some background about the topic (e.g., how quickly is the world population aging?). What is your thesis statement? Body paragraph 1: What is one argument in support of your thesis? Topic sentence: Explanation and examples: Body paragraph 2: What is a second argument in support of your thesis? Topic sentence: Explanation and examples: Body paragraph 3: What is the strongest argument in support of your thesis? Topic sentence: Explanation and examples: Concluding paragraph: Review your main points and your thesis statement. Criterion Pre-writing & organization Content/ideas to task palatada are unrelated to Vocabulary Score of 17-20 Score of 13-16 Score of 9-12 Score of 0-8 Well-organized Good organization Some organization Lacks organization - clear thesis & topic - clear thesis & topic - thesis & topic - weak or missing sentences sentences sentences slightly thesis and/or topic - supporting ideas in - supporting ideas in unclear sentences logical sequence mostly logical - sequencing of - lack of sequencing - strong conclusion sequence supporting ideas of supporting ideas - good conclusion unclear - no conclusion - weak conclusion Excellent, task- Strong, task- Good supporting Weak supporting appropriate appropriate ideas, but some are ideas, or ideas that supporting ideas supporting ideas unrelated are unrelated to - supporting ideas - supporting ideas task are well explained are somewhat - supporting ideas - supporting ideas are and have enough explained with a bit are incomplete, with weak, with little or details of detail little detail no detail - supporting ideas - supporting ideas - some supporting - supporting ideas are are related to the are mostly related to ideas are unrelated to unrelated to the task task goal the task goal the task goal goal Wide range of Good range of Average range of Limited range of vocabulary vocabulary vocabulary vocabulary - appropriate and - appropriate and - mostly appropriate - minimally task-related task-related , and task-related appropriate - effective use of less - good attempt to use - some attempt to - inaccurate use of frequent words less frequent words use less frequent target vocabulary - errors minor and - occasional errors, words - frequent errors that not frequent but meaning clear - a number of errors greatly affect that affect meaning meaning Excellent Good Average Weak - varied sentence - good variety of - little variety in - simple or repetitive structure sentence structure sentence structure sentence structure - very few grammar - a few grammar - a number of many grammar errors that do not grammar errors that errors that greatly affect understanding slightly affect affect understanding understanding Excellent Good Average Weak - few or no spelling - some spelling - a number of - many spelling errors errors, mostly with spelling errors, some - correct punctuation uncommon words with common words - largely incorrect - mostly correct some incorrect use use of punctuation punctuation of punctuation Grammar & sentence structure errors Spelling & punctuation errors
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Effects of Smoking
Institution of Affiliation



Cigarette smoking is among the leading cause of preventable illnesses and the largest
cause of premature deaths. Smoking endangers the lives of both the smokers and the nonsmokers. Non-smokers inhale two forms of smoke from cigarette smokers; side stream smoke is
the smoke that comes directly from the lighted cigarette, it contains more cancer causing agents
and it is more harmful to non-smokers. The second form of smoke is the mainstream smoke that
is equally dangerous to the non-smoker. Smoking has financial burdens to the smokers and the
population at large.
Smoking causes pollution to the environment. Children are more susceptible to second
hand smoking effects. Cigarette smoke can cause pneumonia, bronchitis, sudden death infant
syndrome and asthma in children. Pregnant women who smoke while pregnant are at risk of
giving birth to pre-mature babies and with birth defects.
Smoking can cause preventable deaths to the smokers. Illnesses like lung cancer,
bronchitis and pneumonia can be prevented if one decided not to smoke or quit smoking before
he/she contracts the disease. A smoker can also suffer from sexual dysfunction ...

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