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This project provides an opportunity to apply financial management concepts to a case study for a healthcare organization. The project helps examine the fundamentals of healthcare finances, assets, budgets, cost and financial analysis. You will create and/or review financial statements and reports, then provide a recommendation based on issues identified in the case. You will have an opportunity to critically analyze a financial case and provide recommendations.

The following link provide several cases to choose from. Choose a case that interests you, based on the overall description and noted financial challenge or issue.

Please use

Basses on hospital bankruptcy. I will be building on this for my course projects

The first part of your project will require you to choose a financial management case. Review the provided cases related to healthcare and financial management, and choose a specific case. The case you choose you will use throughout the course to complete your project assignments.

Submit a minimum 2-page report that:

  • Identifies the topic and case you have chosen.
  • Describes the financial issues outlined in your case.
  • Describe perspectives of the financial challenges.
  • Briefly discusses its relevance specifically to financial management in a healthcare organization.
  • You will need to use a minimum of (3) scholarly/academic sources for your research. You will need to incorporate the sources into the content and use a minimum of (1) in-text citation per source. Examples of scholarly sources include academic journals, peer-reviewed articles, and case studies. The references should specifically address related financial challenges outlined in your case and/or offer additional perspectives. Academic scholarly journals can be access through the Rasmussen Online Library. You can explore Article by Subject (Health Care or Business), to start your search.
  • Include an APA formatted reference page to document your sources.

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Healthcare Financial Consulting
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Healthcare Financial Consulting
The article is about Healthcare Financial Consulting; this is an outstanding service that
can be extended to most health care organizations in order to help them manage their financial
challenges. It involves innovative counseling, planning, usage, and clinical activities services
that are changing the manner in which medicinal services is envisioned. It offers direction on
healthcare finances that enable healthcare organizations to oversee financial unpredictability
effectively. Healthcare Financial Consulting help assesses business needs, pinpoint areas that
need to be enhanced and implement arrangements for the same.
Financial Issues
Numerous hospitals do not have the necessary resources to identify and fix their income
issues; this leads them to financial challenges and risks. A wide number of rural hospitals
continue to close down due to financial difficulties, some of the reasons for closing down include
low reimbursements, increasing unpaid debts, labor deficiencies and rivalry from newly
established facilities (Daly, Jackson, Mannix, Davidson & Hutchinson, 2014). A shrewd option
is to acquire outsider advisors who can impartially evaluate the situation and execute solutions
the health center can retain long after the experts are gone. Hiring a consultant with great
experience on healthcare finance is vital. To maintain the positive outcome even when the
consultants are gone, it is critical to have the healthcare's employees trained for them to carry out
these operations on their own.
Academic medical centers similarly go through notable financial vulnerabilities. A
reputable healthcare consulting specialist can enable them to deal with these difficulties and keep
up their status as the highlights of the American medicinal services framework. Academic
medical centers have for quite some time been viewed as an essential component of the



healthcare system (Hashim, Sapri & Low, 2016). However, behind the esteemed brand...

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