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Describe the variety of actors in the budget process and what they are trying to achieve. In this day and age, do you think their goals are typically for the public good or to gain or hold personal power? Identify and briefly describe the five major ways of viewing politics in public budgeting. Lately, which view is MOST accurate in your opinion?

Explain budgetary decision making in terms of the five decision clusters. Which cluster do you think is the most political and why?

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Running head: BUDGET PROCESS

Budget Process
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Budget Process
The budget process entails the processes of planning for the budget, the approval stage of
the budget, execution of the budget and auditing stages of the budget. The budgeting process is
crucial in any country, institution, and organization as it enables the state or organization in
question to properly manage its funds. The budget helps the organization to balance its spending
with the expenses available for making profits (Jensen, 2003).
Actors in the budget process and their goals
Key players in the budgeting process include bureau chiefs, chief executive officers,
legislators, the executive budget office and various interest group. The purpose of the burea...

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