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Choose one of the five discussion questions 12.1 to 12.8 on page 444 of the text book (I have attached). Respond to the question with a 1-2 page response. Be sure to provide sources (with citations) to back your assertions. All sources must be academically acceptable sources cited in APA format. Include the question you are answering.

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444 + Discussion Questions 12.1 Consider a project to build a bridge over a river gorge. What are some of the resource constraints that would make this project challenging? 12.2 For many projects, the key resources to be managed are the project team personnel. Explain in what sense and how project team personnel are often the project's critical resource. 12.3 What is the philosophy underlying resource loading? What does it do for our project? Why is it a critical element in effectively managing the project plan? 12.4 It has been argued that a project schedule that has not been resource-leveled is useless. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why or why not? 12.5 Discuss the nature of “time/cost trade-offs” on projects. What does this concept imply for our project management practices? 12.6 When resource-leveling a project, several heuristics can help us prioritize those activities that should receive resources first. Explain how each of the following heuristics works and give an example: a. Activities with the smallest slack b. Activities with the smallest duration c. Activities with the lowest identification number d. Activities with the most successor tasks e. Activities requiring the most resources 12.7 Multitasking can have an important negative impact on your ability to resource-level a project. When team members are involved in multiple additional commitments, we must be careful not to assign their time too optimistically. In fact, it has been said: "Remember, 40 hours is not the same as one week's work." Comment on this idea. How does multitasking make it difficult to accurately resource-level a project? 12.8 Why is resource management significantly more difficult in a multiproject environment? What are some rules of thumb to help project managers better control resources across several simultaneous projects?
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