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GLST 220 SEVEN SIGNS IN JOHN PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS For this assignment, you will have the opportunity to explore one methodology for making disciples that can be used across a wide range of cultures. You will read Scripture and answer questions like you would if you were preparing to meet with a group for seven consecutive weeks. Carefully follow the instructions below. 1. Begin by reading the article by Neil Cole on CMA Resources entitled, “Seven Signs in John: A Simple Process for Evangelism and Starting Churches. 2. Using the Bible and the Seven Signs in John Worksheet, begin reading through each of the seven signs found in the book of John. For each of the seven signs, thoroughly answer each of the 4 questions found in the article and the worksheet. Each of the questions must be answered in a way that demonstrates you would be able to competently discuss the topic in a small group setting. At least one solid paragraph must be written for each of the first 3 questions for each of the seven signs in John. 3. The project must be submitted with clear headings and subheadings. Each of the seven signs must be listed with the appropriate Scripture passage just as it appears in the Seven Signs in John Worksheet. The subheadings under each of the signs must be the four questions. For example: A. Changing Water to Wine – John 2:1–11 1. What does this story say about people? 2. What does this story say about Jesus? 3. What does this story say about you? 4. Who needs to hear this story? 4. A final heading titled “Reflection and Application” must be included at the end of the assignment. This part of the assignment is where you reflect on the assignment itself and develop action steps for how you might use this in the future. You may want to consider some of the following questions as you complete this section: • What was helpful about this assignment? • How could you see yourself using this assignment in the future? • How does the learning that has taken place influence your own personal growth process? • What actions or changes are you willing to make as a result of your learning? 5. The answers to your questions must be typed out in complete sentences. This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. on Monday of Module/Week 3
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Signs and miracles performed by Jesus found in the book of John
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The book of John which is believed to be written by Apostle John is among the four
gospels books found in the Bible. The other gospel books are Mathew, Luke and the book of
Mark. It is paramount that the book of John does not involve parables to demonstrate how Jesus
taught his disciples and followers. Instead, the book uses various signs and miracles that Jesus
performed while he was here on earth. Some of these events include when he turned water into
wine on a wedding in Cana of Galilee, raising of a man by the name Lazarus from death who
came from Bethany, healing of a man who was blind since he was born, the act of walking over
the water, the act of Jesus feeding over five thousand people with two fish and five loaves of
breads, the curing of the paralytic man at the pool of Bethsaida and the healing of the son of the
royal official among others. It is evident that John was writing these miracles with the ultimate
goal of passing information to unbelievers about what Jesus Christ is capable of doing.
Apparently, these events as recorded in the book of John are still relevant today and explain to
the unbelievers of the powers of Jesus Christ. To this extent, therefore, this paper seeks to
explore and discuss the seven signs that Jesus performed as recorded by Apostle John.
Jesus turning water into wine
This is a story recorded in the book of John chapter two starting from verse one to verse
twelve (John 2: 1-12). It is believed that the event was recorded by John after witnessing what
Jesus Christ the son of God did when he was on Earth. This is the first miracle that Jesus
performed. This happened in Cana of Galilee in a marriage ceremony where Jesus was present.
They had attended the wedding together with his disciples and his mother when they found there
was not enough wine and Jesus ordered the servants to fill the available pots with water and later
turned it into wine (Neil, 2010).



What the story says about people
The story of Jesus turning water to wine represents people who had faith in Him as the
Son of God. Mary, the mother of Jesus, informed Jesus that the wine was running out and Jesus
commanded the servants to fill the jars with water. They obeyed his commands which signify
that they had faith in Him and believed in Him.
What the story says about Jesus
The story signifies Jesus as the Lord and who can provide for the needs of his people.
The event of turning water into wine for people to drink signifies the power of Jesus to take care
of those who he loves through provision. This event demonstrated Jesus as a loving father is
always focused to see that his people are happy and joyful at all times.
What the story says about me
As a ...

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