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AOJ 204


Students will choose a California criminal jury trial that occurred within the past two years.A case from San Diego is even better.You’ll need to find one that was widely covered in the media (a lot of news articles online, televised coverage, maybe even a Dateline, etc.).

You will do extensive research on one particular trial.Read all the news stories about it, watch any news coverage that you can find (maybe there is a Dateline or 20/20 about it, etc), and get familiar with the case.

In your written paper, address the following issues/questions:

  1. What were the facts of the crime?
  2. With what crimes did the prosecutor charge the defendant?List the crimes as well as the California Penal Code sections.Then include the language from the CA Penal Code sections.
  3. What was the maximum sentence faced by the defendant?
  4. What, if any, pretrial proceedings took place?
  5. Tell me about the background, history, etc., of the defendant. Include things such as age, where they grew up, previous criminal past, etc.
  6. Who was the prosecutor in the case?Do some research on the prosecutor.What other cases have they handled?Are they involved in any community groups, organizations, etc.?
  7. Who is the defense attorney in this case?Do some research on the attorney.Have they handled any other high-profile cases?If so, which ones?What can you find out about their professional history?
  8. Which judge oversaw the trial?In your research, can you find other cases they presided over, or any news articles involving him/her?
  9. Now describe the trial.Tell me such things as which witnesses were crucial in the trial, how many days did it last, etc.
  10. What was the jury verdict?
  11. What sentence did the defendant receive?
  12. Lastly, tell me your overall impression of this case. Was it handled professionally, fairly?Did the jury get the verdict right?What was your opinion of the attorneys involved? The judge?

This assignment is worth 100 points.

Paper format:Important!!

The paper should be written in essay format.I want the paragraphs to be single spaced, then double space between paragraphs.Number the paragraphs according to the questions above.In other words, at the beginning of the paragraph where you will answer the question about the prosecutor, number the paragraph “6.”I should see the numbers 1 - 12 in your paper so I can easily find each of your answers.

Again, the paragraphs themselves must be single spaced, but double space between paragraphs.

Your paper must be approximately 3-4 pages long.It needs to include a cover page and a References page, in APA format, these two pages do not count in the 3-4 page requirement.

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Explanation & Answer

Here is the paper kindly check it

This is a case which involved the murder of a two-year-old Jahi Turner.Tiery Jones his step
father was accused of killing his step son Jahi Turner and later getting rid of the body in a very
inhumane way. Apparently, the mother to Jahi Turner was fully convinced that Tiery Jones was
responsible for the murder of her poor son who had been left under the care of his step dad. Tiery
Jones denied all the charges before the jury and judge present. The neighbor to Tiery Jones
testified of seeing his carry trash papers outside his house which have been containing the body
of Jahi.
All his life Tiery Jones had no bad relations with his stepson which led many to be convinced of
him not being involved in the murder of his step son.

Q1. The facts of the crime
This is a crime which involved a family, where the step father happened to have killed his own
son. Jones was the major suspect him being the last person who was with him. It took the police
a total of 14 years to gather evidence against him. Tiery Jones was being accused of involuntary
Q2. The crimes the prosecutor charged the defendant were that of being involved in the murder
of his step son in the. Jones told the courtroom that he waited for two hours to call 911 because
he was worried the police would arrest him.
Q3. The crimes, the California penal code sections we 37-2016-00026785-CU-CR-CTL San
Diego Superior Court – Central District.

Q4. The maximum sentence faced by the defendant was not given since majority of the members
of the jury supported Jones while only two of them were for the thought that he actually killed
his own step son.
Q5. There were no pretrial proceedings which took place. During the actual proceedings Tiery
was inconsistent with his response since he said he wai...

Really helped me to better understand my coursework. Super recommended.


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