ENG102 ASU Decolonized Methodologies With Native Indian Americans

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Proposal arguments usually follow this general three-part structure: 1) description of a problem; 2) presenting a proposed solution; and 3) justification of the proposed solution (sometimes justification is made throughout). Your claim will be the issue of what is problematic and your proposed solution.

I am trying to focus on indigenous communities in the United States. Native Americans living in reservations. I am trying to focus on Indian reservations in south Dakota and how I can implement decolonized methodologies to the essay.

I uploaded the doc that explains exactly what is needed. I also will put some articles too. focusing on Health care.

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ENG 102: Indigenous Rhetoric Essay 3: Decolonized Methods (Proposal Argument) Assignment Introduction As stated before in class, proposals are very simple to understand but very challenging to materialize and execute. Up to this point in your argumentative writing you have practiced maintaining credibility primarily through rhetoric—the practice of effective communication. Conditions and situations have been analyzed critically and it is usually the more specifically an issue is addressed, the more credibility you earn. In addition to the aforementioned, the proposal argument will ask you to consider what other ways you can gain and lose credibility, such as: ideas, creativity, context and feasibility. Assignment Content “Decolonized methods” is the theme for this next unit. The prescribed content for this unit involves addressing issues that are problematic for indigenous marginalized, underrepresented and underserved individuals, groups, and communities. Identifying the problem is half of the essay; the other half lies within seeking plausible answers for these issues. The vehicle drives your solutions will be “decolonized methods”. The term decolonization literally is referring to the breaking away of a colonized and usually oppressive faction to attain true forms of sovereignty. In the context of our assignment we are adherent to the pre-colonial ideology of “co-existence”. In this way, we are understanding that we are in modern society and Native Americans, still being American citizens, live in multiple spheres and identities—they are Indigenous and Americans at the same time. Hence, de-colonized methodologies for our purposes is how can Native communities revert back to traditional ways of living, being, praying, eating, learning and teaching. Moreover, can modern technology become a viable conduit to implement decolonized methodologies to help solve society’s problems today? For example, as discussed in class, when considering the issue of food insecurity on reservations today an easy fix would be to build some grocery stores; however, this would not empower community members to live healthy lifestyles. Core aspects of Indigeneity rest within empowering all community members with the right knowledge of how to grow and harvest their own food and not rely upon large trucks to deliver and dictate when and what they eat. Indigenous methods to incorporate more of a pre-colonial diet immediately provides attention to combat issues such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Educating the community of ancestoral knowledge provides sustainable ways of living as well. Proposal arguments usually follow this general three-part structure: 1) description of a problem; 2) presenting a proposed solution; and 3) justification of the proposed solution (sometimes justification is made throughout). Your claim will be the issue of what is problematic and your proposed solution. Assignment Organization All research and writing done in your ICAs this semester can be transferred in this essay. After all, this course designed in a way where all work is leading up to this project. 1.) Problem section—for this section you will be using portions of your first and second essays evaluating an issue that is problematic within Indian Country. The difference is I will ask you to revise this section with the sole purpose to heighten the sense of urgency to a point where readers will want to take action. This can be done with examples, evidence, and your persuasive voice. Things are to be added; things are to be left out. 2.) Solution Section—This solution section will be what is drastically new (3-4 pages) where you will smoothly transition into how does one solve the initial issue using decolonized methods. Here you will be asked to detail your solution and justify that it will work with the sole purpose of stressing feasibility. It is also good to prove that this solution will work. Assignment Scenario—The Steps 1) Brainstorming: First of all this assignment requires you to think about what really is important to you as an individual with the assigned content and context in mind. Underrepresented individuals, groups, communities appear in many shapes and forms. Proposal essays fall short because of writers’ lack of investment which hinders the ability to execute. This project is YOURS. Proposals are successful when your readers want to take action which literally means they MUST be invested in not only your cause, but your form of action as well. 2) Research: Take time to research the problem’s history and contemporary condition. Research what has been done before in attempts to remedy the problem. Make sure your solution is feasible (doable) and will be better than anything done before. Secondly, research evidence that will provide proof of how urgent your issue is. Proposals are meant to make readers want to take action—heighten the sense of urgency; then present your solution. 3) Compose Your Rhetoric: Due to the extensive nature of proposal writing, this is one of the essays that cannot be written in one night. Ok… maybe it can, but detailed and well researched evidence fused with your developed ideas will gain credibility for you. Before, your priority was to get readers to consider your position on an issue. Here you are convincing them to take action. How do you push people with your words? It can be done. Great leaders around the world depended upon their rhetoric. 4) Revise: Your motivation (purposes) for revising will serve a bit differently in this essay. There are many layers to this essay which is what makes it so difficult to achieve a perfect proposal. First of all, you are to present a problem and a solution and justify your solution as being a good course of action. Second of all, when presenting the problem you are convincing the readers to take action. Depending upon the nature of your issue some will spend more time than others. Furthermore, while presenting the solution, one must provide a specific and feasible solution. Ideas will get you either everywhere or nowhere in this essay. Increasing ethos is your priority in this stage of the writing process. 5) Refine: This is when you can worry about conventions, paragraph placement, introductions and writing style. Any polishing, tweaking, detailing, touching up, buffing, trimming, shining, powdercoating, remixing or whatever you want to call it. But all should be done to again, increase your credibility. Deadlines: April 8-12, 2019—Classes Canceled for 1-on-1 Conferences (First Rough Drafts Due) MW April 22, 2019—2nd Rough Draft: In Class for Workshop April 24, 2019—Final Draft: Before Class Begins TTH April 23, 2019—2nd Rough Draft: In Class for Workshop April 25, 2019—Final Draft: Before Class Begins • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sources (cite the source and a brief summary of how the source will be helpful) American Indian Health Policy: Historical Trends and Contemporary Issues https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4035886/- This source provides historical data of the underfunding of the Indian Health Service(IHS). Native American Health: History and Legal Context https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK425854/- This source provides more history about IHS and what role the IHS serves in the indigenous community Disparities https://www.ihs.gov/newsroom/factsheets/disparities/ This source has Mortality Disparity Rates for multiple causes of death Pine Ridge Indian Reservation- Health and Wellness https://www.blackhillsknowledgenetwork.org/community-profiles/pine-ridge/pine-ridgeindian-reservation-health-wellness-2.html#.XJQDGhNKhPM https://www.argusleader.com/story/news/2019/01/11/south-dakota-tribes-governmentshutdown-oglala-ihs-rosebud/2543751002/ https://www.argusleader.com/story/news/2018/12/05/south-dakota-ihs-indian-healthservice-history-native-american-healthcare-crisis/2128151002/ https://splinternews.com/congress-is-starving-the-indian-health-service-and-sout1830879285 https://splinternews.com/the-government-shutdown-is-choking-indian-country1831430244 https://www.argusleader.com/in-depth/news/2018/12/05/south-dakota-health-care-ihshospital-native-american-trust-violated/1728819002/ https://www.npr.org/2016/04/13/473264076/for-native-americans-health-care-is-a-longhard-road-away https://www.ksfy.com/content/news/Government-shutdown-puts-pressure-on-IHSemployees-504135181.html Leading Health Challenges Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota Oglala Lakota Sioux https://juniperpublishers.com/jojph/pdf/JOJPH.MS.ID.555574.pdf- Source speaks on different health challenges from genetics to circumstantial challenges that cause health problems, possible challenges/barriers and preventable risk factors. Pine Ridge Information http://www.gundersenhealth.org/foundation/programsevents/global-partners/volunteer-toolkit/module-2-site-specific-cultural-information/pineridge/-This source speaks about different facts about this reservation including a brief history, health and economic facts and more. Pine Ridge Indian Reservation https://www.re-member.org/pine-ridge-reservation.aspxSource states statistics from poverty, education, employment and health. The Never-Ending Crisis at the Indian Health Service https://www.rollcall.com/news/policy/never-ending-crisis-indian-health-servicehttps://www.blackhillsknowledgenetwork.org/community-profiles/pine-ridge/pine-ridgeindian-reservation-civic-life-history.html#.XKZqOihKg2w
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Decolonized Methods
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The United States of America is one country that has an intense and rich history. This history
entails a lot and has therefore been studied from a different perspective for different purposes.
This is a paper that will aim to narrow down on how indigenous citizens of the United States can
be empowered through delocalized methods.
While at it, this paper will also aim to shed more light on the current issues that some of this
people, and to be precise, Americans of Indian descent, are facing in areas such as Dakota. This
paper will, therefore, encompass the past, present and the future of these people while trying to
address the entire topic.
To be pragmatic, this paper will be divided into three main parts, and it is from these parts that
the topic will be elaborated upon and made even more accessible to understand. The three main
parts within which this paper will be divided into are as follows;

Description of the problem

Presenting a proposed solution

Justification of the proposed solution

By addressing this topic from these three fronts, it will be easier to cover all the most critical
aspect of the paper while at the same time exhibiting very high levels of accuracy on the content
being projected throughout the document. It is also important to underline the fact that this is a
topic that has been addressed before in many other research studies. And this is a piece of work
that may seek to borrow a few ideologies from previously conducted pieces of work in order to



ensure that it is watertight on how it addresses the issue and making it even more detailed for the
Description of the problem
As of 2018. There were still many families in the United States, who are document citizens but
with origins from India, who were living in reserves. This becomes more a problem because of
the fact that the environmental conditions within which they live is not only unhealthy but also
inhuman and therefore mounting pressure on something to be done.
A visit to one of the reserved homes where these Indian-American had settled painted a very

Really helped me to better understand my coursework. Super recommended.


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