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Four pages research paper about shale & sandstone reservoir rocks. I have my own outline and resources.

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In my paper, I will write about Shale & Sandstone reservoirs. I will try to investigate and compare the two reservoir rock types and relate that to their effects on hydrocarbons production. Rostami, S., Rashidi, F., and Safari, H., 2019, Prediction of oil-water relative permeability in sandstone and carbonate reservoir rocks using the CSA-LSSVM algorithm: Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, v. 173, p. 170–186, doi: 10.1016/j.petrol.2018.09.085. Ahmadi, M.A., and Shadizadeh, S.R., 2015, Experimental investigation of a natural surfactant adsorption on shale-sandstone reservoir rocks: Static and dynamic conditions: Fuel, v. 159, p. 15–26, doi: 10.1016/j.fuel.2015.06.035. Chong, Z., Yao, Q., and Li, X., 2018, Effect of Joint Geometrical Parameters on Hydraulic Fracture Network Propagation in Naturally Jointed Shale Reservoirs: Geofluids, v. 2018, p. 1–23, doi: 10.1155/2018/1852604. Shale & Sandstone Reservoirs • • • • • • General information about reservoir rocks How oil migrates throughout rocks The structural difference between the two reservoir rocks (shale & Sandstone) The difference in the way that hydrocarbons are stored in each reservoir rock Production technics related to each rock Why Sandstone reservoirs are easier to produce from than shale GEOL Project 15% of total class grade 100 pts total Final Project will be a literature review style paper on a topic of your choice, limited to a relevant topic to Petroleum Geoscience. Requirements: • 3-5 pages • double spaced • 12-point font • 1-inch margins • Minimum of three peer reviewed reference publications Important Dates: Due March 28: (5 % of project grade) • 1-2 sentence summary of paper topic • Reference list/bibliography (min. of 3 peer review papers) Due April 8: (30% of project grade) • Outline draft of your paper Grading Expectations: Papers need to be properly cited using parenthetical citations (the final paper will be submitted through ‘Turnitin’ on Moodle so an automated plagiarism check will be completed). Please use the Geological Society of America reference style ( ) and standard inline parenthetical citations e.g. ‘….some conclusions from one author (last name, published year)’, ; ‘….some conclusions from two authors (last name & last name, published year)’ or ‘….some conclusions from more than two authors (last name et al., published year). Or write it like: ‘Soso (2017) concluded…’, or ‘in their study so-so et al. (pub year) found….’ No quotations in your paper. You should synthesize the reviewed literature. References: no websites or conference abstracts. They need to be a peer review academic paper. A suggestion to help find academic papers: ‘GeoRef’ or ‘Web of Science’ databases available through the library website. ...
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Shale and Sandstone Reservoir Rocks
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A rock or a stone is most commonly a natural substance that constitutes one or more
minerals which may include graphite. The earth's outer layer and lithosphere are composed of
rocks which make the outer cover of the earth. However, on the topic of rocks, there are reservoir
rocks which derived from their name they have the ability to store and in this care these rocks
store fluids inside their pores for a very long time. However, these fluids can be extracted from
these reservoir rocks. Petroleum of amongst one of the most common fluids to be obtained from
reservoir rocks since they produce accumulate hydrocarbons. In this case, a petroleum reservoir
if a pool of hydrocarbons that is contained within the pores of rock formations and thus in this
case petroleum reservoirs can broadly be classified as both unconventional and conventional
reservoir. The ability of these rocks to hold fluids (gas, water, and air) makes reservoir rocks
have the ability to contain vital resources that could be extracted.

Figure 1.0 image of reservoir rock
Migration to oil through rocks
Hydrocarbon m...

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