Narcissism Theory by Freud Ideologies Psychology Paper

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Final Paper Topics

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Choose one of the following:

1. Rear Window: Hitchcock’s film may be viewed as a synthesis of many of the psychoanalytical ideas we have discussed this semester: perverse sexuality (voyeurism); narcissism; “the poet and daydreaming”; the “madonna/harlot syndrome,” Laura Mulvey’s discussion of the “male gaze,” etc.

2. The Uncanny: Discuss Freud’s essay on horror as it relates to the libido theory in general and/or the theory of “primary narcissism.” You may also focus your discussion of the essay on Freud’s interpretation of The Sandman: how does your reading of Hoffmann’s story support or expand Freud’s interpretation?

3. Living Doll: Expand on one or more of the study questions on the episode of The Twilight Zone. Be careful to avoid merely repeating your class discussion of the film.

4. Fairy Tales: Continue our discussion of fairy tales by analyzing one of the other fairy tales posted on the website. Be careful to avoid merely repeating your class discussion.

5. The Beast in the Jungle: Discuss other aspects of this story not already discussed in class in relation to Freud’s theory of narcissism.

6. Narcissism: Use Freud’s essay “On Narcissism” to draw together our comments throughout the semester on Freud’s theory of narcissism. Consider his comments, in the essay, on 1)women and narcissism 2) homoeroticism 3) the formation of the “super-ego,” etc.

7. Horror: Apply the psychoanalytic explanation of horror as the “return of repressed desires” (cf. Freud’s theory of the Medusa) to one or more examples of the horror genre in film and literature.

8. “The Antithetical Sense. . .” Using Freud’s essay explore the idea of the Ucs as unifying antithetical meanings, and how this idea confirms the notion of works of art as the return of unconscious thoughts and desires.

9. “A Special Type of Object Choice”/ “A Prevalent Form of Degradation”: Continue our (and Freud’s) discussion of the “Madonna/Harlot Complex” in these essays. How does Freud’s essay help us to understand the stereotyping of women in art and culture?

10. Something Wild: Expand on one or more of the study questions on the film.

11. The Sandman: Analyze Hoffmann’s tale a props Freud’s interpretation of same and/or your own psychoanalytical interpretation of the story. Consider, for example, the role of the doll “Olympia,” the relationship between Nathaniel and his friends, especially Klara, the “two fathers,” the two Coppelius’, the image of the tower, the image of the eyes, etc.

12. "The Theme of the 3 Caskets”: Discuss Freud’s theory of “three’s,” and his reading of King Lear, in psychoanalytical terms.

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Narcissism by Freud


Narcissism by Freud

Freud came up with a plethora of theories just before enacting the Narcissism theory and
ideology. Some of the issues addressed before coming up with the above theory included works
on dreams and the unconscious mind for that matter. Freud then concentrated on three vital
psychodynamic analysis narrowing down to the id, the ego, and the super-ego. The development
in each stage represented the very existence of human sexual desires from childhood to their
adult being. Conversely, the author never considered the id while analyzing narcissism as a
concept/theory. On the flipside, he emphasizes the existence of the various parts of the mind in
addition to introducing self -control mechanisms guiding the precepts of the theory for that
matter. Even though Freud uses clinical terminology throughout the explanation of the
Narcissism theory, it is vital to critically analyze the super-ego concept entailed in the method, in
addition to examining the mind bits, then it is essential that homosexuality as explained by the
theory also gets scrutinized.
Freud's take on Narcissism and the surrounding ideologies
Freud takes great interest in defining the narcissism concept as he believes and
distinguishes from all other concepts studied in his psychology class. He defines narcissism as a
concept that involves one adoring themselves in line with them being objects of sexual desire for
that matter. The author then goes ahead to provide two forms of narcissism- the primary
narcissism and the secondary narcissism. An explanation/description for primary Narcissism
points to the fact that all humans have some narcissism through their stages of development. So,
primary Narcists presents itself amongst all, especially at birth. Here, the affected shows some



energy costs individuals their affection towards an object of sexualit...

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