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Surprisingly, throughout this clinical I really haven't seen many women with breast concerns. We continue with each patient depending on family history and age to educate them on mammograms and how frequent they should get them. There has been a recent review that mortality rate has decreased by 20% as a product of breast cancer screenings (Beau, Andersen, Vejborg & Lynge, 2018). We had one lady come in reporting nipple discharge that was white/yellow that comes and goes. When we went in to assess this patient she reported that it had been going on for awhile and she has not been pregnant in many years. We pressed on her breasts trying to express some discharge to no avail and then referred her to the breast cancer center in the metro near us to get further testing and a diagnosis on what was going on. Nipple discharge can be a major predictor of cancer although most of them are benign reasons (Chang & Cheung, 2017).

I have tried in the assessment of breasts to pay attention clockwise to where things are, lymph nodes as well as fibrocystic changes rather than actual lumps that could be cancerous. I evaluate them with my preceptor but very few have had actual problems that needed follow up on rather than yearly appointments. There should be a focus on prevention measures and breast cancer screening (Rayne et al., 2017). We educate and have pamphlets about self breast examinations and when to do them, how often and what to look for.

Beau, A.-B., Andersen, P. K., Vejborg, I., & Lynge, E. (2018). Limitations in the Effect of Screening on Breast Cancer Mortality. Journal Of Clinical Oncology: Official Journal Of The American Society Of Clinical Oncology, JCO2018780270.

Chang, R. Y. K., & Cheung, P. S. Y. (2017). Nipple Preservation in Breast Cancer Associated with Nipple Discharge. World Journal Of Surgery, 41(1), 176–183.

Rayne, S., Lince-Deroche, N., Hendrickson, C., Shearer, K., Moyo, F., Michelow, P., … Firnhaber, C. (2017). Characterizing breast conditions at an open-access breast clinic in South Africa: a model that is more than cancer care for a resource-limited setting. BMC Health Services Research, 17(1), 63.

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Regardless of age, it is possible for the expression of fluid from various women. The
normal sign of the fluid color that is not affected by cancer is milky, green or brown. However,
various nipple discharge may require closer assessment like when the release is clear y...

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