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Hide Folder Information Instructions GUIDELINES FOR SUBMITTING A QUALITY PAPER PHIL 330 Philosophy of War and Peace Dear Class, I look forward to reading your paper and wish you every success. As stated in the Syllabus “students will be required to write one short critical paper (8 – 10 pages). Abstract, Outline of sections, Introduction, first 3 pages of section one and Bibliography are DUE FEBRUARY 13, 2019 and the final complete version of the paper is DUE APRIL 8, 2019 (FINAL EXTENDED DEADLINE!!), on topics chosen jointly with the teacher, on the themes that arise from class reading and discussion. These papers must be original, not copied or substantially drawn from a secondary source. Follow carefully the guidelines in the Handout "Writing a Philosophy Paper." Verify the following: • • • • • • • Does your paper have an abstract? Does it have a clear outline and do you actually stick to the outline? Is your research based on at least two scholarly monographs (besides the textbooks) and four scholarly articles directly relevant to your subject? Do you clearly indicate the purpose of your paper in the introduction? Does the main body and the conclusion perform what you said in the introduction you would do? Are your arguments sound and consistent? Have you read your paper out loud? Proof read it and spell check it. As for the layout and the style, do you strictly adhere to the rules in the Kate Turabian "Manual"? Submit your final version on time. If you need help, please, see me during office hours or send me your questions by e-mail. ...
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Comparative ethics


Comparative Ethics

Comparative ethics have shaped the views that surround use of force and war in society.
Indeed war and force are peculiar human activity in that they are known to bring out individual
best traits such as courage. War is an indicator of individual self sacrifice and yet it elicits cruelty
and suffering to individuals who are defenseless. War and force is prime aspect for ethical
reflection. Use of war and force has been fought on the basis of religion. For example, Islam is
one unique religion that is known to sideline with Jihad (Holy War) and this is guided by various
ethical resources. Religions do have major rules and principles that happen to contract the views
of the other religion. Believers in certain religions are not allowed to act in manner that contracts
moral values they hold dear to.
Use of war and force in society has raised a lot of concerns among many religions of the
world. These concerns do occur among Christians and Muslims. A section of Jihads are
convinced that war is necessary for emancipation of humanity from suffering and ensuring that
the message of Allah is spread across the world. Jihads have identified themselves as the Allah’s
messengers send to fulfill the Holy teachings and ensure that infidels are wiped from the face of
the earth. This philosophy is totally different from that of Christian Pacificism; who advocate for
alternative strategies of bringing and maintaining peace in society. Individuals who subscribed to
Christian Pacificism have always opposed the ideology of using war in society. War causes harm
and according to the utilitarianism theory of ethics, any form of oppression to other people has
no place in the society.



Radical feminist pacifists consider themselves the civilized lot and that the society that is
governed by women is characterized by stability, economic, social and political growth. Indeed
they have a notion that men are chaotic and do resort to physical means of accomplishing their
selfish interests without considering the outcome of their actions. Radical feminists are
convinced that men have always infringed on the fundamental rights of women for a long time

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