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This is a group project about gender equality, it's been divided by sections. My section is "Plan of action".

I attached the requirements for that section. it is also in MLA style.

It is required also to add the work citation at the end.

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Surname 1
Goal 5 Gender Equality: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
This Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP) offers a solid guide for implementing the
gender inclusion policy while expanding the existent and organized gender programmes and
policies within the school. While the school appreciates that gender equality is among the most
significant goals in the context of its inclusive principles and policies, this Action Plan will go a
long way in streamlining those policies and ensuring that an all-inclusive system is well founded.
With the aim of ensuring that the Action Plan is implemented to achieve Gender Equality, we
established an Implementation Program. In each area, a tactical goal is set together with the
objectives and solution that need implementation.
In order for women to be empowered to the extent of reaching their absolute potential,
they will need to have equal opportunities with men. This can be achieved through ending
stereotyping against women, violence against women, embracing gender diversity at work,
viewing men and women as being of equal status, and judging someone depending on their merit
as opposed to perceiving them as inferior because of their gender. It is the elimination of all
kinds of discrimination leveled against women, making sure that women can easily access
employment, that they have reproductive health rights, and are included in decision-making
processes both in private and public spheres (Stachowiak 29). Cognizance with the fact that the

Surname 2
Campus is dedicated to realizing equality of all opportunities irrespective of gender, this action
plan will be helpful in ensuring that all people get equal access to employment opportunities,
career growth, involvement in decision making, and equal access to services and resources.
Action Plan 1: Stop Bias against Female Students and Staff in the Campus
This entails eliminating any form of unfair treatment directed to either the lady students or the
female workers in the school (Zippel et al 885). This may include sexual harassment. Women
who are trying to move up the ladder in their careers are faced at every stage by discrimination in
assessments and promotions. With every step up the ladder, the unfairness worsens.
This wil...

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