Ideal Correctional System

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The state of Almeda has decided to scrap the current corrections system and start from scratch. Your team is one of three teams selected by the state to come up with a proposal for a new correctional system. As a team you will need to consider what you have learned about institutional and community corrections and address all of the elements the decision-making board is looking for. As a team, you will present your proposal to an administrative board. This presentation needs to flow like a face-to-face presentation where you provide facts, details, and communicate each point clearly with your speaker notes.

Create a 2-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you share your plan for the ideal correctional system for your state to house 5,000 inmates in a multi-cultural and a highly urban state. In your presentation:

Explain the cultural aspects that must be addressed at the prisons, probation and parole, and community corrections

Include footnotes on the slides, reference slide, conclusion, no plagiarism

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Ideal Correctional System


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