Does God Exist? Essay

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Does God Exist? Which argument on the existence/none existence of God you think is the most convincing in chapter 6? Pick one movie to discuss this argument. Analyze one specific scene in the movie where spectators can clearly see this argument on the existence/none existence of God. The essay must be done in MLA format with a minimum of 500 words

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Does God Exist?
Descartes' argument on the existence of God is the most convincing argument in
chapter 6. Descartes’ ontological opinion is the most fascinating and least understood items
of his philosophy. The fascination in Descartes' argument stems from its origin from the
efforts made by Descartes to prove the existence of God. He developed his arguments from
simple but powerful viewpoints. His prove on the existence of God can be derived from the
distinct and clear knowledge of a perfect supreme being. However, this idea of the existence
of a perfect supreme being has resulted in many misreading and misunderstandings worsened
by Descartes' tendency of forming it in different ways. Descartes’ main statement on the
existence of God is made in his fifth mediation. This statement follows an earlier argument he
had made about the existence of God in his third mediation. Ther...

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