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Week 3 Project

Library Research

You are working on researching your topic for the persuasive essay, which will require you to support your main points with facts, examples, and quotes from secondary sources. This assignment helps you get started with locating helpful sources for your essay. For this assignment, you will find two scholarly sources and create an annotated bibliography that includes information about each source through the South University Online Library.

You will use the SUO Online Library for this assignment. It is easy to access, and SUO has access to thousands of publications, including your local newspapers. The reference librarians are ready to help you locate articles through the library databases.

Assignment Guidelines:

  1. Locate two sources that you have discovered through your library research. Cite each of these sources as you would in an APA style reference page entry. You may use this APA Citation Helper.
  1. Directly below each citation, summarize the main ideas of the article in a paragraph.
  1. Directly below the summary, in another paragraph, explain how the source has been useful for exploring your topic or will be useful in your persuasive essay.


Gershon, L. (2018, October 17). The case for lowering the voting age. JSTOR Daily. Retrieved from

This article explores the debate about whether the voting age should be lowered to 16. Some people may think it is unfair that 16 year olds are allowed to work and are required to pay taxes but cannot voice their opinions by voting. The author explains why she believes the voting age should be lowered. According to her perspective, many young people are in fact more responsible than adults when it comes to making big decisions that may affect their community or country.

This source is useful for my paper because it shows both perspectives on the issue of lowering the voting age to 16. By sharing both sides, the article helps me to understand my audience for my essay. The author seems credible and makes logical arguments in support of her claim, and she acknowledges alternate opinions and refutes those arguments.

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Source 1
Gershon, L. (2019, April 3) How medical researchers used to party. JSTOR Daily.Retrived from
The article talks about how medical researchers used to party using experimental drugs such as
nitrous oxide. It elaborates how medical and recreational drugs are getting thinner in their
distinction. Drugs such cannabis can be used as a recreational drug and medicinal. The article
depicts that doctors do avoid opioids dru...

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