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Research paper on Alzheimer's disease. I need 5 pages of writing please include the history of the disease and current treatment methods. Also include any current theories regarding the disease. And the 6th page needs to be for references. it needs to be in APA format and have no plagiarism.

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Alzheimer Disease


Alzheimer disease history

Alzheimer is a severe health condition, which is common in old age. The influence of
the disease varies from one individual to another in creating a greater focus on the existing
issues within healthcare. The manifestation of this condition is gradual, and it may appear as
normal during the early times since it is usually more comparable to normal forgetfulness that
individuals tend to have but as it develops it continues to have a detrimental impact to an
individual. The development of Alzheimer's can be traced back in 1906 by Dr. Alois
Alzheimer. The principal symptoms that were identified in the patient included memory loss,
paranoia as well as psychological changes. Dr. Alzheimer discovered in the autopsy that there
was shrinkage in and around the nerve cells in the patient brain (Heneka et al., 2015).
Therefore in developing better concepts in determining better development of the
condition, there was development of the cognitive measurement scales in 1968 which
provided a strong emphasis in impairment and established a higher volume of damage in the
brain issue. The National Institute of Aging was developed with a strong emphasis on
essential changes that help maintain a strong focus on the development of Alzheimer as well
as developing better interventions which help provide an understanding on different
interventions that are put in place to improve the physical wellbeing of the elderly in the
society. In 1984, the National Institute of Aging (NIA) started funding of Alzheimer centers
which were aimed at providing a strong focus on the development of the condition (Snyder et
al., 2015).
The Federal Drug Administration approved the first Alzheimer drug in 1993. The
drug mainly targeted memory loss as well as dementia symptoms although currently five
different drugs have been approved by the FDA. The various symptoms of Alzheimer mean
that there is need to provide a strong emphasis on essential elements which c...

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