How your impression of the field of psychology has changed compared to your assumptions at the beginning of the semester?

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Do not do research for this question, but you must give a full, well-rounded answer. You will write a short paper, approximately 2 pages, no more than 3.

Make use of events in your life or current affairs -- situations which have perplexed you or given you difficulty -- and describe possible solutions, interventions or viewpoints which are informed from material you learned this semester in our class. Use proper names of psychologists, and name theories accurately.

Attached below is my 'first impression' paper of a psychologist's life in a day. This assignment is a follow up assignment in which I need to discuss what have changed based on what I learned in class. I might need someone that have knowledge about his field and could include some psychologist name, some psychology concepts.

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Bao Nguyen Psych 1 - 03 A Day of a Psychologist Just like any profession, psychologists have a lot of stuffs in their tray, and in the course of a day, they perform a number of things. Depending on whether a person took the path of clinical psychology or counseling psychology, a psychologist would most often do something that pertains to the career of choice. However, I believe some duties in their course of a day are almost the same. For instance, every psychologist would do some reading in form of research so as to broaden his or her knowledge base. Human life is fast moving, and a psychologist who is entrusted with helping people find solutions to their problems in the name of counseling must be knowledgeable of the current discoveries being made. Hence in the course of a day, a psychologist would be reading a psychology magazine, book, or even online books so as to sharpen his/her wits. Seeing clients is another common thing psychologists do in the course of their day. They will have new clients meeting them for the first time; old clients making follow-up meetings; or even another psychologist coming into the office for some sharing. In the process of meeting clients, a psychologist would be listening to the clients and trying to find the effective treatment therapy that best suits their situation as part of the counseling process. Also, the psychologist would schedule subsequent meetings with the clients to make follow- ups on the progress of the treatment therapy offered, either to modify it or even withdraw it if it proves ineffective. As part of the process of seeing clients, psychologists in the course of their day would be assessing and diagnosing clients. For instance, the psychologist would be studying and assessing the abnormal behavior or any psychiatric problems a client has. Furthermore, in the process of assessing the behavior of their clients, whether normal or abnormal, the psychologists would make interpretations of the narrations of the clients. For instance, a psychologist would be interpreting dreams of their clients or even their own. They can basically use various psychological theories to help them make valid interpretation that can help them towards finding solutions for their clients. Some psychologists in the course of their day would be attending classes as a professor. Besides running their private clinics, some psychologists would still be having jobs of teaching in some institutions. They would be seen rushing to some college so as not be late for their classes as part of their day. Also, besides teaching, some psychologists in the course of their day would be attending classes, especially evening ones, as students. Just like any profession that needs continuous learning, psychologists would be in most cases seeking to learn about a given thing to add up to their profession competency. The psychologists would also make consultation with other psychologists as a way of getting a better understanding on their grey areas. Nonetheless, just like any other profession, a psychologist encounters lots of challenges in the course of a day. One of the challenges experienced is that dealing with clients can be draining and stressful. It is normally not easy to help others deal with their emotional and mental struggles, since dealing people’s problems daily is difficult. Also, psychologists face the challenge of helping clients without taking in their problems, and separating work life and personal life sometimes can be challenging. The schedule of a psychologist in as much some days it can be flexible, some days it can be quite erratic especially in meeting clients in the evening, especially for those who work all day. Fatigue is also a challenge for most psychologists in the course of their day because listening and talking to clients is quite tiring. Also, a psychologist in the course of the day, he or she is likely to encounter the challenge of cultural issues such as language barrier or cultural differences that may affect the relationship with the client. ...
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A Day of a Psychologist
Having been in the psychology class for a while, my impression of the field has changed
significantly compared to the kind of assumptions I harbored at the beginning of the semester.
While I initially had the impression that psychologists have a lot of stuff in their tray just as other
professions, I have since changed this perception and view psychologist as people who are
extraordinary and unique who are charged with dealing with a wide array of issues. I feel that the
psychologist cover all the other professions because they have to examine the psychological
aspects of their environment as opposed to other professions which only focus on specific issues.
Another way that my impression on psychologists is that as opposed to ...

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