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write about innovation strategies and how it was implemented by Louvre Abu Dhabi. the guidlines and word count and all other details are included in the attached document.

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Assignment 2-Group Project (20%) Course Tile: Innovation Strategies Academic Year: 2019 Course Code: ENTR 640 Section: 1 Instructions to learners: 1. This is a Group Assignment (5-6 members) counting towards 20% of course marks. 2. Use your own words for answering the questions. Marks will be awarded for critical thinking and originality of thoughts linking theoretical concepts you learnt in the course to the actual context of the company, and for justifying your arguments or recommendations made. Recommendations will be based on sound analysis. 3. Do NOT copy and paste from other sources, it will not earn you any credits. 4. Maximum word length including cover page, references, annexes and other information is 1800 words. There will be a penalty of 1 mark for every 50 words above the word limit. Therefore, write concisely in conveying your ideas and arguments. 6. Reference ALL your external sources using Harvard system of Referencing (see VLE for details) 7. Group presentations will be made in class near end of semester, probably last session. I will announce precise date in due course Description Assignment 2 to be completed by a group of 5-6 learners. It is worth 20% of the overall course grade. Case Study of an Innovative Company Maximum length of written report: 1800 words (including cover page, reference page, and optional exhibits). Maximum number of Presentation Slides: 5-7 Slides (5 minutes per group; not to be submitted but to be used in class during presentation, which will probably be during last class) Local Organization Identify a local or regional organization in the public sector or in Tourism that uses technology intensively to deliver smart services. There are many local examples, e.g. in public sector, transport, R & D, or hospitality area (e.g. RTA, DCAS, DEWA, DEWA, HBMSU, KHDA, UAE Space Agency, Jumeirah hotels, start-ups in UAE Incubators, and so on). Each groups will post on the Discussion Board before end of January 2019, the names of members and which organization they are proposing to analyze so that we may avoid different groups analyzing the same organization. Sources of Information for case study For the selected organization, you will access secondary sources such as the company web site, company reports, newspaper articles and journal articles which you should supplement with primary data collected through one or more personal communications (e.g., in person interview(s), phone conversations, or email) with a representative of the organization familiar with the topics being analyzed (i.e., the organization, its markets, and its innovation policies and strategies). Include the full contact information for any representatives at the end of the report in the exhibits section and brief summary of what was discussed. Case Study Based on the information collected, you will write a case study illustrating the strategies and policies the organization has put in place to develop, support, manage and commercialize its innovations. In your report, you will link your observations with the theoretical concepts you learnt in the course: 1. Types of innovation generated 2. Process of innovation 3. Theories of innovation 4. Sources of innovation 5. Value capture 6. Is the company pursuing Green Innovation? 7. Innovation policy and the extent it is aligned with national innovation policies 8. Does company undertake Innovation offshoring? 9. What type of IPR the company generates, and how does the company protects its IPR? 10. Funding of innovation at company level, and sources of funding You do not imperatively need to cover all bullet points above, but as many as are applicable to your selected organization. It is important that you include practical real life examples, as well as reference all your sources using the Harvard system of referencing. Structure of Written Report As a general guide, your report should be structured into three broad sections as follows with a maximum total word length of 1800 words (remember to use headings and subheadings within the sections to make your report more readable). 1. Company Description and Market Analysis (approximately 20% of word length) Name; web site; type of company; location(s); size in terms of employee numbers and turnover; types of products/services; management structure; market share; the market(s) it operates within and the major competitors. Does Innovation explicitly figure in the Vision/Mission/Objectives of the company/organization Does the company have a manager specifically designated for Innovation? 2. Innovation framework, policies and strategies (approximately 50% of word length) Identify at least one of the company’s innovative products or services (if useful provide diagrams/pictures in appendix). Explain what makes this company innovative. In your answer, link your observations in the company to the relevant theories you have learned about in this course (see bullet points in points 1-10 above) to illustrate how innovation is generated in the company/organization. Discuss how the company develops, supports, manages and commercializes its innovations. 3. Recommendations (approximately 30% of word length) Critical analysis: Discuss what you liked about the way the company is developing, supporting, managing, and implementing the innovations. What suggestions can you make so that the company becomes even more innovative? Link your recommendations to your analysis and concepts you learned in the course. Also, briefly discuss the “lessons learned” that can be applied to other organizations (if we go to all the trouble to analyze these organizations, we want to be able to share with our colleagues in class what mistakes to avoid and what points they may be able to adapt to their own organizations in the future). Presentation You may be required to make a brief presentation of your work so prepare an approximately 5 minute long presentation that includes no more than 5-7 PowerPoint slides which summarize the main sections of your presentation (you could include extra “hidden” slides that are there that are not presented unless someone asks a question and you want to use them to provide support for your answer). You do NOT need to provide any slides with this assignment. The presentations will be made in a physical session, ideally, near end of semester. This will enable all of you to share experiences and learn from each other. General Advice We are looking for original and innovative work. To earn more credits, focus on presenting insights and original thoughts linking theoretical concepts to what you observe at the institution. Copying and reproducing existing reports or plagiarizing other information will not earn credit, so please make sure to cite all sources and use references and express your own ideas and words. General Guidelines for Written Assignment & Presentation  All assignments should include a cover page with a title and the learners’ names and IDs on it, the required sections of the report, and pages of exhibits (they must be very relevant to the assignment though and need to be referred to within the paper).  They must be free from formatting/grammar/spelling/punctuation/typo errors and should use the Harvard System of Referencing.  All sources of information must be cited and a list of references included when they are used for sources such as the textbook, any articles read, websites used, personal communications with other people, and so on.  Written assignments should use appropriate formatting with headings and subheadings and must be single-spaced, single-column documents with 1" margins using 12-point type in Times New Roman or 11-point type Arial font.  Any exhibits (e.g., pictures, figures, graphs, tables, charts, calculations, and spreadsheets) must be created using a computer (no credit will be given for written or hand drawn exhibits unless there is a relevant reason for including them).  Assignments will be evaluated for plagiarism using Turnitin. Grading Rubric Criteria Available Points Cover page Design: including: name, ID, project title, course number, and instructor’s name. Page numbering, 12 pt. font, & organization/layout of the paper (must be professional) Writing Skills: Spelling/grammatical errors Clear, well structured, non-repetitive and concise presentation of ideas Quality of Analysis & Creativity: Insightful and thorough analysis of Innovation in company, original and creative thinking. Recommendations References & Appendix: Follow Harvard guidelines for both in-text citations and References. Total Possible Points 1 3 10 5 1 20 Points ...
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