Oil And Gas Consumption Economic Cost Analysis For The USA

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–Remember to adhere to the format.

–In terms of the issues and values we will see that there will be consistent “bed-fellows” on each side of the environmental topics. Business, industry and gov’t on one side with environmentalists and those concerned with the long-term effects of resource depletion on the other.

–Also remember that the strategies will have educational or public relations components and technology components. I am still looking for at least 4-6 strategies.

5 paragraph format (2 page max)

1) issues from business/industry/govt/consumer side

2) issues environment/environmentalists/consumers

3) values from business/industry/govt/consumer side

4) values from environment/environmentalists/consumers side. With last sentence identifying common values.

5) creative strategies - list at least 4-5 creative strategies

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What is the Role of Science and the Place of Value? Hulme, Chapters 3 an 4 What actually is being disputed? • The science is not disputed but the relationship between science and other knowledge we hold in high regard. – Relation of science to ultimate truth – Relation of uncertainty risk – Relation of knowledge to policy making. What are the limitations of science? • Climate change science will always be incomplete and uncertain. • Public reception of scientific knowledge will not be the same as what emerged from the laboratory. – This means that there must be trust in science by the public – And trust in the public disemination of science by scientific community. • Reality that science cannot tell us everthing: Science is not ethics. Complexity of policy making • Economic analyses of climate science have been used to support widely differing responses. – Kyoto Protocol – Differing timelines to reduce green house gases – Differing allocations equitable responses • This leads to differences in views of actions needed and the urgency of making those actions • All this presumes continued economic growth as measured by traditional GNP. Assignment for this week • After viewing the resources and doing your own research write a two page essay on this week’s topic. • Essay topic: our dependence on the use of oil and oil produces such as coal and natural gas. – Includes in you discussion the issues involved in fracking.
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Oil and Gas Consumption
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When it comes to the topic of energy consumption the first aspect that comes to mind is
government regulation. Over the years the government has regulated this aspect with various
control factors in play, to begin with, businesses play a significant role in facilitating the
consumption of oil and gas. Households also are a crucial factor to consider when it comes to the
consumption of oil and gas, however, regulation has to be in play since statistics show that in the
USA alone the consumption of fuel oil in 2017 averaged at 3.9 million b/d thus totaling to about
21% of the total petroleum consumption in the U.S.. Petroleum is amongst the most significant
sources of energy, and in this case, its consumption in either oil or gas has been the primary
driver for development in some parts of the country (USA). The government and ot...

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