BUS499 Strayer Globalization & Technology Changes Vision Statement Questions

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  1. Assess how globalization and technology changes have impacted the corporation you researched.
  2. Apply the industrial organization model and the resource-based model to determine how your corporation could earn above-average returns.
  3. Assess how the vision statement and mission statement of the corporation influence its overall success.
  4. Evaluate how each category of stakeholder impacts the overall success of this corporation

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Week 3 Assignment 1
Strayer University
BUS499 Business Administration Capstone
Dr. Gardner



This paper will look at the company called Simon Property Group. It will look at how
globalization and technology changes have influenced the company. To determine how Simon
Property Group could earn more returns, this paper will use the industrial organization model
and the resource-based model. It will look at its vision and mission statement and analyze how
influential it is to the company’s success. Every stakeholder in an organization influences the
overall success of a company and we will analyze this for the company.
Simon Property Group is a real estate firm based in America. With its headquarters based
in Indianapolis, Indiana, the company is the biggest operator of shopping malls in America. As
of 2017, the company has been noted as the largest investment trust in real estate in the US. The
company is an integrated commercial real estate company with five retail platforms: Mills,
Premium Outlet Centers, International Properties, Community / Lifestyle Centers and Regional
Malls. Approximately 241,000,000 square feet (or 22,400,000 square meters) in Asia and North
America are owned by the group (Datamonitor, 2000).
Globalization has become a sufficiently familiar word whose meaning is thoroughly
discussed. It means that the whole world is increasingly acting as if it were part of the single
market, producing interdependently, consuming similar goods and reacting to the same urges
(Hitt, Ireland, &Hoskisson, 2013). Simon is a global leader in shopping, dining, entertainment
and mixed-use destinations as well as an S&P 100 company. The company’s properties
throughout North America, Europe, and Asia provide daily community gathering places for
millions of people and generate billions of annual sales. Has globalization impacted Simon
Property group? Yes.



Globalization has certainly allowed for the company’s global output level to rise.
Investment in the global market has helped the company increase its portfolio. Real estate
companies make most cash inflow from income properties investments. With multiple income
streams, the company has been able to expand its portfolio of real estate investment quickly.
Globalization has greatly enabled the company in this area. Looking at the three concepts of
globalization, transference, transformation, and transcendence, the company has used the...

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