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Running Head: SAFETY





For the petroleum industry, it is important to adhere to the information and rules as well
as mandatory requirements put in place to given the safety guidelines which is helpful in
eliminating occupational injuries as well as accidents which are made up of wasters from the
resources. Safety is depicted to be a very crucial aspect of every industry. This is because an
environment which is perceived to be the accident-free boosts the employee's morale as
compared to those working in hazardous areas. In essence, recognition of these facts in
petroleum industries is very crucial since it entails various practices which are very dangerous in
nature and thus the need to ensure safety is maintained at all times. Recognition of these facts as
well helps in putting in place the appropriate measures which will help in ensuring that all the
practices being carried out in the industry is safe. Through these safety facts, they not only keep
that area away from accidents but also from wrong behaviors conducted by the personnel in the
Safety is a term which is used to express the continuity of being healthy and becoming
free form any form of injuries. This is to say that safety is freedom from any injuries or from any
harm. In essence, safety has been used to refer to the precautions put in place so as to prevent
individuals from getting hurt while undergoing their duties. Safety as well deals with the act of
improving the working conditions of the industry to ensure that individuals remain healthy at all
times. Lack of these measures can lead to undesired events which can lead to deaths or injuries
as well as the loss of organizational resources. Similarly, the hazards which are presented in the
environment emanates from the environment which is depicted not to be safe to operate on.
Therefore, to ensure that safety is attained, an action plan should be identified a drawn so as to
safeguard the workers against such hazards.



It is apparent that it is not sufficient o only care for safety, but it is also worth caring for
the health of the employees as well as the environment in which these employees operate from.
These are because failure to take care of one of these elements is like doing nothing since health
hazards will still be posted to the employees. These elements are also interrelated which implies
that all the three should be considered at one time when seeking to achieve safety for the
employees. For instance, if the health of the employee is not looked into, then they may operate
when they are not healthy which increases the chances of accidents. It is worth noting that the
petroleum industry pollutes the environment in which the factory has been set which in turn will
affect the health of the employees as well as for the community members surrounding the firm.
Therefore, to ensure that the entire operation is safe, the organization has the obligation of
ensuring that the enchainment is safe from any form of pollution. In consideration, the gases
emitted from the petroleum industry contain some toxic compounds which can cause severe
diseases when breathed in. Most of these gases entail examples of the carbon (ii) oxide gas
which is well known as the silent killer noted to have led to most inconspicuous death where one
is not injured. The compound made from the breathing of the gas leads to the formation of
carboxyhemoglobin a toxic compound which hinders the entry of oxygen gas hence causing
suffocation. All in all, this is a broad topic and to be precise, I will mainly talk about research
safety in petroleum industry whereby, the research will include the following: Accidents, Causes
of Accidents in the Industry, Ways of Reducing Accidents in the Petroleum Industry and finally
the conclusion.
One of the common accidents in this industry is burns. Burns are the most common
because the products which are produced in the industry are very flammable and therefore any



accidents relating to fire can cause burns. Most of the products dealt with in this industry are the
oil, gas as well as any other flammable chemicals which are present in the rigs. Therefore, these
industries witness cases of fire and explosions are common to the industry. The cylinders which
are used in storing and transporting the products sometimes have their inside pressures build up
and therefore end up exploding causing fire and scaring the workers within the area. Hospital
cases of admissions of burns from petroleum products are witnessed every now and then. Some
of the burns caused by these products result even to death cases as some of the burnt areas are
very crucial to carry out surgery or any other medical activity. The burns as well as caused by the
toxic chemicals substances which are used in the processes in the industries. Other forms of
accidents are the brain and the head injuries which emanates from the oil rig workers working in
very high grounds and some of them slides and fall to the ground as a result of the viscous nature
of petroleum and also some petroleum products which stepping on causes some sliding effects
hence causing such injuries. It is worth noting that the falls from such high heights lead to brain
and head injuries as well as spinal codes which permanent cause damages to some parts of the
bodies and even paralysis. In this regards, the workers affected usually suffer from such injuries
with the equipment which they are using or rather which had been left on the grounds will hit
them and cause such injuries. High numbers of workers nourish their wounds which results from
the tasks they carry out in the industries this can be during the digging of the trenches fixing of
metallic objects and many other activities. In addition, some of the floors which they work are
slippery (Besnard & Albrechtsen, 2013). Despite being warned to take caution that they are on
slippery floors, some of the timers there are spills on these floors which makes them slip and fall
also and getting such injuries, this can be like breaking of their arms or limbs which causes a lot
of fractures to their bodies.



Consequently, exposure to the toxic fumes is another kind of safety hazard the workers
face wh...

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