ENG110 ECPI Impact of Possession of Guns in Colleges Argumentive Essay

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Should Guns be permitted on College Campuses?

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For this essay (3-4 pages), you will need to take a position on a controversial issue, argue your position, present evidence that supports your position, and provide documented research on your subject. Your essay should: • • • • • present a controversial issue assert a clear position on the issue argue for the position by presenting plausible reasons and support anticipate readers’ objections and arguments, either by conceding or refuting them. Include at least three documented sources Your essay will be graded according to the following criteria: • • • • • How well it satisfies the above requirements Clear, strong thesis Well-organized paragraphs Correct grammar and mechanics Adherence to MLA style Surname 1 Guns in College Campuses Student’s name Lecturer’s name Course name Date Part 1: Introduction Last year at Temple University, Philadelphia, a 22-year-old man has involved a love triangle incident with his girlfriend. Since he had the possession of a gun, he decided to shoot his girlfriend as part of his revenge which he did. Students in the university were not happy with the incident and decided to make him pay. This led to a mass shooting as the young man tried to escape the wrath of the students where 12 students lost their lives. Basing on this short anecdote, there comes the question of should guns be permitted on college campuses? One fact is that most of the college students are in their early 20s. This means that they are still children under the care of their parents and allowing them to have guns in school is a mistake. They cannot make the right decisions as compared to older adults and can, therefore, use guns to harm their colleagues. However, with this debate concerning guns in colleges, it is also wise to consider that there are older people in the colleges either as staffs, lectures, and students among others who can handle guns with precision (Webster, and Daniels 1). Part Two During the awarding of licenses to the legal gun owners, some different tests are undertaken to verify that they have qualified to be gun owners. This means that the legal gun Surname 2 owners do not use their guns anyhow and only in extreme situations. During mass shootings, the chances of them using the guns are meager because they first seek safety before deciding whether to engage the shooter or not (Hemenway, David, and Sara 25). However, allowing students to possess guns in colleges is a different scenario. This is because they might be involved in the normal campus superiority incidences and end up shooting their colleagues as part of proving a point. According to the study by Webster, and Daniels, it proved that suicide attempts that lead to hospital treatment or death rise dramatically and peak during the college years, and they have been increasing in recent years (2). This, therefore, shows that allowing guns in colleges will only increase these cases rather than combating them. Another study was able to prove that school mass shootings were motivated by unrequited love or revenge against a teacher or were the act of a child with poor judgment (Nedzel 430). Most of these shootings from gun owners are as a result of flight rather than them being the direct targets. Legal gun owners use their guns in those instances where they are the direct target, but in other instances, they seek safety first. However, for students, they may decide to use the guns for their pleasure or as part of revenge; hence the reason why they should not be allowed to have guns. At the scene of the 2015 Umpqua Community College, legal gun owners seized to use their guns since they felt that they were safe. Another assumption they would have used was that it was not their duty to defend the university, but that of the police and their guns were only for self-defense. Surname 3 Summary and Counter Argument It is worth noting that despite the many disadvantages that allowing guns in colleges can bring there are some benefits as well. One of them is that an active mass shooter would not be willing to engage a university with the knowledge that the legal gun owners will respond. Allowing guns in university, therefore, can be a way of reducing these incidences of a mass shooting. This would also help in reducing the damage that would be caused by a mass shooter as compared to when guns are not allowed in college campuses. Surname 4 Work Cited Hemenway, David, and Sara J. Solnick. "The epidemiology of self-defense gun use: Evidence from the National Crime Victimization Surveys 2007–2011." Preventive Medicine 79 (2015): 22-27. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25910555 Nedzel, Nadia E. "Concealed carry The only way to discourage mass school shootings." Academic Questions 27.4 (2014): 429435.https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12129-014-9459-7 Webster, Daniel, and Daniels Ronald. “Allowing guns on campus will invite tragedies, not end them.” The Washington Post.Retrieved from https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/allowing-guns-on-campus-will-invitetragedies-not-end-them/2016/10/21/a1679f9e-8992-11e6-875e2c1bfe943b66_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.36cc739c52f5 ...
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Possession of Guns in Colleges
Thesis Statement: gun possession in universities or colleges should not be allowed.









Possession of Guns in Colleges
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On March this year, a student at Grambling State University was shot in the University
compound. It’s alleged that the non-student entered in the University premises and shot a 21-

year-old student leaving her at life-threatening condition. Although the student was rushed to the
hospital and her condition stabilized, it has sparked the controversial topic of gun ownership
among people. With the increased cases of the school shoot out which leave majority students
and staffs dead and others sustaining severe injuries. School shooting leaves some of the
students struggling with disabilities such as spine injuries and so on. As a result of increased
cases of school shootings, it has raised a hot debate of whether guns should be allowed permitted
in colleges or university. Some people think that students and the staffs’ security are not
guaranteed and by allowing the students or staffs to possess a gun will ensure that they are fully
secured. Consequently, some think that allowing students to carry guns w...

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