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he rise of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State over the past 15 plus years has drawn the attention of homeland security professionals and first responders with responsibilities to look at prevention, response and recovery from a man-made and natural disaster. After 10 years and with the death of Osama bin Laden, the US government believed that AQ as a viable threat was decreased significantly, but soon after the Islamic States rise on the global stage became the next large threat. This week, I want you to explain the al Qaeda-ISIS split and how this has affected Homeland Security.

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Effect of Al-Qaeda-ISIS Split on Homeland Security
April 14th, 2019

The Al-Qaeda-ISIS split affected the Homeland Security since they realized that just as
they had taken so much time, effort and resources to penetrate and weaken the Islamic State in
Iraq, they would need to do the same to ISIS. The problem was that the area that ISIS was
operating from was highly risky since it was around Eastern Syria and Northern Iraq. Like all
military Islamic groups, the origin of ISIS had started way back during the days of Abu Musab
Al-Zarqawi who was killed in 2006 but it was from his intellectual framework that ISIS was
formed (Hassan, 2018).
The Homeland Security is entrust...

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