Assessment of Community-Level Barriers

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Assessment of Community-Level

For the second written assignment of the course, you will
continue in the design of your proposed model program by demonstrating your
understanding of your selected population’s challenges, which negatively impact
this group’s health and well-being. Based on this week’s research, conduct an
assessment of the barriers, limitations, and other distinguishing features, as
they exist within your community. Your paper, at a minimum, must contain the
following elements:

  1. A description of at least three critical barriers that impact the health and
    well-being of a chosen group; one must be a micro-level (individual) barrier
    that is financial, one must a macro-level (community/state) barrier that relates
    to access and funding for care, and  the third barrier may be one of your
  2. An analysis of the regulatory, legal, ethical, and accreditation
    requirements/issues that relate to these barriers.
  3. Identify and describe at least one proposed solution for each barrier. Your
    solution for the micro barrier must include an analysis of various potential
    funding options (both independent and integrated). Your solution for the macro
    barrier must include an analysis of financing resources for health care.

Your assignment should be a minimum of  three- to- four pages in
length (excluding title and reference pages), and should include a minimum of
three scholarly sources cited according to APA guidelines as outlined in the
Ashford Writing Center.

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