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Use the attached documents 1  2 3 4 5   to develop the assignment from it.

write a 2 to 3 pages descriptive essay and include a 4 page Process letter: A short (1 page) letter discussing the strengths and weaknesses of your essay as you see them . Describe any pleasant surprises or problems you had during the writing process,

The essay should:

Describe a place or a thing that you know well or that has left a lasting impression on you, selecting and arranging details in a way that re-creates a particular context from a unique perspective refer to the documents above

-- Be aware of your audience and your perspective in relation to that audience.

Decide whether you are an insider writing for outsiders, an outsider writing for insiders, or an  outsider writing for other outsiders. How do your perspective and audience affect your focus? 

-- Select details that create a dominant impression about the place.  How do you

  expect your audience to respond to these details? 

--Arrange the details according to one primary organizing principle (chronological, spatial,  topical) that reinforces your dominant impression.  Consider a comparison/contrast  organization, direct (e.g. two places, or one place at two different points in time) or implied

(e.g. describing something in a way that you think will lead your target audience to compare/contrast  it with something they know.)

-- Include sensory details whenever possible (and don’t neglect smell and taste).

  Use concrete details to convey emotions.

  --Use figurative language that encourages readers to think about what you’re

  describing in a new way, especially if you’re describing a place that might be

  familiar to them...

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