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International Marketing—MKT 466 Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign Due: Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 9:30 a.m. Information gathered from your City Analysis/Fact Sheet will now serve as the basis for developing an Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign. Your campaign should show, in your judgment, the most effective means of introducing and promoting Bioande, a German, organic, fermented carbonated beverage, as appropriate for your city. With understanding from your previous research (and potential new research), you will develop a campaign that includes promotional materials tailored specifically for your city. A cohesive campaign is essential and must include at least three specific, yet relatable “creatives” for the campaign. You may assume that your distribution channels are in place for your potential target market to have access to the product. The paper should have an introduction of key factors of who your target market profile is and why. Additionally, you will incorporate things you have learned about your target market (e.g. Hofstede’s dimensions, income distribution, etc.) as they apply to your campaign to put your creative in context. You will want to also discuss pricing point(s) and further distribution elements for the sale of Bionade as this may affect your desired segmented, target market. Components for this particular IMC Campaign Plan are: • Description of the target market • Desired market positioning relative to competition • Description of the advertisement and promotional creative strategy and execution along with justification of types of promotions • Potential weaknesses and problems with the campaign The paper should be a pdf of 4 to 6 pages, 1 ½ spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman, 1” margins (not including the creatives). The creatives should be referred to in the text or may be placed in the appendix as stand-alone items (only 1 file should be submitted). Again, please include screenshots/drawings/visuals of your creatives. A few caveats with this assignment: • You are not able to change the packaging (e.g., logo, colors of the brand, the bottle, etc.) • The budget for this campaign is $80,000. You do not need to price/source out your items but you need to be cognizant that you do not have an unlimited amount to spend; do not try to put together a budget or costs associated with the campaign items. • Each creative is separate yet there needs to be consistency of the messages produced. • Justification of each creative’s theme, message, and medium must be included and shown to have context. • Do not discuss the history of Bionade—you may reference it, as necessary, but we are all on the same page of background of the company and brand. A presentation is also to be given showcasing your work. Each presentation must be uploaded to Canvas as a powerpoint before 9:30 a.m. on the presentation date. The presentation should be between 7 and 8 minutes and any team will be cut-off at the 9 minute mark. International Marketing—MKT 466 Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign City: __________________________ Names: ____________________________ Promotional Campaign STP Pts. Target Market 5 Positioning of Product 10 Creative # 1 12 Creative #1 Context and Justification 8 Creative #2 12 Creative #2 Context and Justification 8 Creative #3 12 Creative #3 Context and Justification 8 Appropriateness and Cohesiveness of Campaign for Selected Target Market and Positioning 15 Writing & Citations 10 Total Actual Comments 100 _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ IMC Campaign Presentation Presenter(s) ______________________________________ Category The presenters gave the presentation professionally. (Also, presentation was “equal”). The presentation is engaging, thought provoking, and interesting. The presentation includes a strong introduction and conclusion. The presentation is clearly and logically organized. Audience members can follow the presentation. The presenters use visuals appropriately that are not all text and furthers the learning of the audience. Additionally, no grammar or spelling errors. The presentation remains on topic, and the presenters included important information on the research. The presenters are easy to hear and understand, have a clear voice, make eye contact, and do not read from notes during the entire presentation. The presenters stay within the 7-8 minute time requirement. The presentation fulfills the spirit and requirements of the assignment. The presenters attended all other presentations, did not distract the other presenters, and were actively engaged in others’ presentations. Points Possible Score 5 10 5 5 15 20 5 10 20 5 Total Score Additional Comments: _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ International Marketing—MKT 466 Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign City: __________________________ Names: ____________________________ Pts. Comments 5 Target Market 10 Positioning of Product Promotional Campaign Actual Creative # 1 10 Creative #1 Context and Justification 5 Creative #2 10 Creative #2 Context and Justification 5 Creative #3 10 Creative #3 Context and Justification 5 Creative #4 10 Creative #4 Context and Justification 5 Appropriateness and Cohesiveness of Campaign for Selected Target Market 15 Writing & Citations 10 Total 100 _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ ...
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Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign: Bionade in Istanbul
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Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign: Bionade in Istanbul
Target Market Description
The introduction of German-based Bionade sales in Istanbul can be achieved through
Hofstede dimensions. The first dimension of Hofstede in marketing is the measure of the
power distance index. This dimension is concerned with the extent to which the less powerful
societal members can expect and accept the equal distribution of power (Samaha, Beck, &
Palmatier, 2014). Therefore, the basic consideration in this dimension is the ability for the
members of the society to handle various challenges associated with power equality. If people
experience a large power distance index, it shows that they accept a hierarchical order of
leadership whereby everybody is well placed and there is no need for justification. However,
countries with low power distance, there is a struggle among members to equalize power and
there is also high demands for power justifications (Samaha et al., 2014). From the analysis
of Istanbul, it was shown that there is a high-power distance index with a score of 66.
Therefore, Turkey is characterized by hierarchical and dependent, and bossy governance.
There is also the indirect and selective flow of information in Istanbul which is the target
market for Bionade.
Another market dimension according to Hofstede is Collectivism and individualism.
Individualism is defined by a loose social network whereby the individuals are only
concerned with taking care of themselves (Samaha et al., 2014). On the other hand,
collectivism is characterized by a highly tight social framework. In Istanbul, there was a low
score of 37 in individualism. This shows that society is characterized by collectivist.
Therefore, there is an establishment of trust between people in a business partnership.
Femininity and Masculinity is another market dimension discussed by Hofstede.
Masculinity describes the preference of society to achievement, heroism, material success
rewards, and assertiveness (Samaha et al., 2014). On the other hand, femininity defines
cooperation, quality of life, caring for the weak people, and modesty. The scores of Istanbul
was below the average (45) for the masculinity index. This means that people here are
concerned with working in cooperation and success is defined by the quality of life.
Hofstede also stated the uncertainty avoidance index as another market dimension to
be considered. Uncertainty avoidance defines the degree at which the societal members
become uncomfortable with uncertainties (Samaha et al., 2014). How society deals with the
fact that the future is uncertain is what determines their success. Weak score in this
dimension shows that the society has a relaxed attitude whereby practice is more considered



than principles. On the other hand, a hard score in this dimension implies rigid codes of
behavior and belief and are intolerant to behaviors which are unorthodox. From the analysis
of Istanbul, it was shown that the ci...

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