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Write a 3 page (min) report on a cutting edge educational technology (of your choice). You can choose a technology that you think has had the biggest impact, something you are interested in, or something you want to know more about from a technological perspective. Remember to research on the topic to show its impact.

In your report, be sure to explain the technology, how it can be used for education, the benefits and drawbacks, and how you think it will be used (or not) in the future. (There have certainly been emerging technologies that have not worked too well as planned). If you are unsure what to choose, you could pick a topic like MOOCs , educational content management systems (CMS), clicker systems, virtual worlds in education, etc.

Paper will be checked for plagiarism. Ensure you cite all your sources. Citations are not included in the 3 page minimum requirement.

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Emerging Internet Technology: Cloud Computing
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The internet technology is developing fast, and new features continue to emerge day by
day. The advancement has compelled much organization to embrace these emerging
technologies as a way of retaining a competitive advantage. These technologies continue to
diversify the state of computer technology field. People can now enjoy many of these
technologies all-round the globe. One of the emerging and most popular internet technology is
cloud hosting technology or the cloud computing paradigm.
Cloud technology is an internet technology that allows for the procurement of computing
resources over the cloud platform through a cloud service provider. It is a secure, cheap and sure
solution to data storage, management, and backup. Numerous benefits come with cloud
computing gearing companies to make a gradual move towards this recent computing tread. A
cloud migration entails movement of data resources and data applications from an already
established cloud platform to another or from one provider to another provider. This model is
referred to as cloud-to-cloud service migration, and it aims at providing more secure services in
most cases (Al-Aqrabi, Hill & Antonopoulos, 2015).
Benefits of th...

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