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Technology has changed our lives drastically in the past twenty years. For example, consider the rise of mobile devices connected to the internet using wireless communication. We have progressed from shopping solely in brick-and-mortar stores to having the ability to do anything from renting a vacation home to purchasing cupcakes online using a mobile device. To keep up with how consumers communicate, businesses have to incorporate these devices and technologies into their business models to reach customers. Developing appropriate technical solutions to business problems begins with defining, analyzing, and documenting the necessary requirements. For this project, you will play the role of an employee working for a small brick-and-mortar business. Your business is seeking to establish an online presence, but it must first invest in new technology. You will create a business systems analysis to provide the business owner with your recommendations for a technology solution that will support her venture into e-commerce. The project is divided into two milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions. These milestones will be submitted in Modules Three and Five. The final product will be submitted in Module Seven. Use the Final Project template document as a guide to ensure you have met all requirements before submitting your final draft.

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Christie Lucas: Prof Black: Milestone 2: 4/2/19: A DRAFTED BUSINESS SYSTEMS ANALYSIS FOR THE INCORPORATION OF E-COMMERCE TO BRICK-AND-MORTAR BUSINESS SETUP; WITH BASIS ON INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Introduction The purpose of having a business system analysis in a business setup primarily is to give a guide how to improve processes, services, products, and even software via data analysis. To achieve these improvements, business entities currently are opting towards incorporation of technology to their operations, particularly the integrated e-commerce business environment. Ecommerce provides a virtual business world, which is currently a perfect blend towards proliferation of business success. E-commence actually cannot stand without a proper supplementation by technology and its elements. Information technology provides several techniques, alternatives and solutions which a business setup can adopt to facilitate the success of e-commerce. To work on this, we will use a decision matrix analysis to narrow down the choices of the alternatives based on different factors identified. Technology Requirements for the Business From the final project case scenario, the Brick-and-Mortar business had identified the following key technological requirements: - Integrating online shopping - Managing shipping and inventory - Facilitating collaboration both externally and internally (with staff and customers) - Providing reports - Managing customer contacts - Providing order status and online payment processing - Managing processes (sales, payments, inventory, and customer contact) - Physical reporting tool to help in making informed decisions. Technology Solutions: The Brick-and-Mortar business will possibly need to adopt the following technological requirements in a pursuit towards an e-commerce synergy: 1. Cross-channel Integration (Multichannel Access) This is a technique where we can seamlessly and interchangeably utilize various channels to interact with customers, do business promotions or do business sales, thus, increasing a business’ reach. This mechanism has evolved software that communicates via stratified APIs (application interfaces) to various sales channels, expanding the agility of the e-commerce. With this capability, a software can work seamlessly with data sets from say an online business store, retail store, social media and then catalogs to help bringing in potential customers, to personalize their user experience and possibly to culminate in a purchase process. What does this mean? That, the cross-channel integration actually has the power to remarket a product with ads(advertisements) even in a situation when a customer has abandoned the purchase or website activity. 2. Enhanced Customer Experience Powered by Deep Learning Deep learning approach is currently a key technology in the e-commerce environment, and goes beyond the production of a basic pure problem-solving software. The problem-solving algorithms applied by the e-commerce has seen various approaches towards success when it comes to modelling of the e-commerce’s efficiency metrics. Notable examples of successful variety of its applications includes the development of image processing engines which selects similar offers in an e-commerce shop for customer recommendation purposes. Also, the image recognition solution applied by Yahoo to help in an automatic identification of images not suitable or not safe for work (abbreviated as NSFW). Furthermore, a translation system used by Google (applying deep learning techniques), is reported to reduce errors by 60 %, and this, resultantly, could help the e-commerce utilizers to open up services in any multilingual environments. Finally, retargeting technology used for personalizing retargeting works can improve overall customer experience in a number of ways by predicting customer behavior and indicating the possible probabilities of specific events in a relatively more accurate basis. Recommendations: From the Decision Matrix Table {attached; named DecisionMatrix.xlsx}, we can see that the “cross-channel integration / multichannel access” has the high overall weight scores than the “enhanced customer experience powered by deep learning”. A recommendation can therefore favor of the deployment of the “multichannel access technology”. However, I will recommend the use of both solutions. We can develop a comprehensive data analysis using the “enhanced customer experience powered by deep learning” approach in order to facilitate the “multichannel access/integration technology”. The comprehensive data analysis actually can help us in revealing a much-expanded detailed understanding of the intensions of our website visitors, so this will not only facilitate effective advertising, but also foster the online processes like the purchases, order placements, etc. to be much easier than it was before. The incorporation of the two technologies will as well assists in future developments of IT-related e-commerce advances the business might additionally opt for. Examples of such technologies are: ✓ Augmented and virtual reality for shopping experience ✓ Block-chain technology for new data security & payment method ✓ Drones & droids as a next-level delivery system ✓ Voice assistants ✓ Chat-bots for new virtual support service ✓ Cloud computing storage technology ✓ Etc. Benefits of the Solutions These are the possible benefits: • Lower Costs of conducting the e-commerce, a cost effective way, since logistical problems are reduced; and this puts the brick-and-mortar business on a par with giant competitors in the market • Facilitates a more economical approach in terms of operation space needed, infrastructural investment, physical stores, etc. because all we will need is probably an idea, then a unique product, then we come up with a well-designed website’s storefront where we can reach out to customers, and maybe a partner to assist in doing fulfillments and maintenance • Enhances better customer service • Helps in reducing the need for human efforts, majority of the transactions/activities/process will be online • Assist in quick shopping comparison when evaluating the global market’s characteristics • Provides for a much better information sharing medium for convenience, control, etc. • An approach to build, and reenergize business’ competitive advantage, etc. • And many more. References Ross, J. W. (2001). United Parcel Service: Delivering packages and e-commerce solutions. Cambridge, MA: Center for Information Systems Research, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Weill, P., & Ross, J. W. (2017). IT Governance: How top performers manage IT decision rights for superior results. Boston, MA: Harvard Business Review Press. 38 ''87978%ÿ*ÿ9"ÿ# ÿ) 'ÿ##78ÿ !ÿ78ÿ7+,98,' 9ÿ ÿÿ9"78ÿÿ977!ÿÿÿ98!78ÿ) 'ÿ878ÿ9ÿ"9978ÿ'ÿÿ #978ÿ#9+ÿ878ÿ78ÿ9ÿ' 7ÿ"7%ÿ3ÿ+#ÿ#ÿ$7ÿ$ÿ8'ÿ''879(ÿ78ÿ9"ÿÿ78 # 9ÿÿ"7ÿ98ÿ 8 7ÿ78ÿ7ÿ78ÿ' ÿÿ9ÿ'%ÿ-" #78ÿ9## #79ÿ879ÿ 78ÿÿ78ÿ# 'ÿ78ÿ$7ÿ)7878(ÿ989!.78(ÿ 98ÿ'878ÿÿ89!ÿ/7'8%ÿ ÿ 6 ÿ7ÿ# (ÿ!ÿ$7ÿ#9!ÿÿ ÿ)ÿ98ÿ'# !ÿ$ +78ÿ) ÿ9ÿ'9ÿ7+,98,' 9ÿ78%ÿ0ÿ78ÿ7ÿ+78ÿÿ97ÿ98ÿ878ÿ#8(ÿÿ 7ÿ'ÿ)7ÿ78"ÿ78ÿ8$ÿ8 !%ÿ0ÿ$7ÿ9ÿ9ÿ78ÿ!'ÿ989!7ÿÿ# "7ÿÿ78ÿ$8ÿ$7ÿ!ÿ''8978ÿ) ÿ9ÿ8 !ÿ  78ÿ9ÿ$7ÿ## ÿÿ"8ÿ78ÿ,''%ÿÿ ÿ 3ÿ# ÿ7ÿ7"7ÿ78ÿ12ÿ3451265(ÿ$7ÿ$7ÿÿ'7ÿ9ÿ"97ÿ#78ÿ ÿÿÿÿ9)) ÿ9878ÿ98ÿ8ÿ/97!ÿ)789ÿ '778%ÿ3ÿ'78ÿ$7ÿÿ'7ÿ78ÿ728945ÿ:;ÿ<68ÿ=>ÿ3ÿ)789ÿ# ÿ$7ÿÿ'7ÿ78ÿ72894ÿ?6>ÿ@ÿÿ6789ÿ ÿ '#9ÿ'8ÿ9ÿ9ÿ7ÿÿ8ÿ!ÿ9"ÿ'ÿ9ÿ/7'8ÿ) ÿ'778ÿ!ÿ)789ÿ9)%ÿ ÿ 28ÿ7ÿ978'8(ÿ!ÿ$7ÿ' 89ÿ!ÿ'9!ÿ)ÿÿ) $78ÿÿ'Aÿÿ ÿ BÿD89!.ÿ9ÿ78ÿ 987.978ÿ) ÿ'7878ÿÿ78ÿ/7'8ÿ9ÿÿ78) '978ÿ8 !ÿ!'ÿÿ BÿD79ÿÿ ÿ98ÿ)878ÿ)ÿ78) '978ÿ!'ÿ78ÿ78ÿ 987.978ÿ) ÿ$ÿ!ÿ7'#9ÿ78ÿ#978ÿ Bÿ''8ÿ9## #79ÿ78) '978ÿ8 !ÿ#78ÿ) ÿ))7"!ÿ## 78ÿ78ÿ#978ÿ Bÿ''8ÿ97ÿ7!ÿ87978ÿ9ÿÿ78ÿ78) '978ÿ!'ÿ) ÿ))7"!ÿ78ÿ'#98!ÿ99ÿ ÿ E  2 3F 1 ÿ 2'978ÿ9ÿ!ÿ$ +ÿ) ÿÿ'9ÿ7+,98,' 9ÿ78ÿ7ÿ78ÿÿ)789ÿ# ÿ9ÿ897%ÿ3ÿ$8ÿ)ÿ!ÿ78ÿ$98ÿÿ)ÿ8ÿ 8978ÿ8$ÿ"8ÿ ÿ,''(ÿÿÿ+8$ÿ9ÿ7ÿ98ÿ78ÿ#978ÿ/7ÿÿ'#98!ÿÿ78 9ÿ8$ÿ8 !%ÿ3ÿ978ÿ98ÿ 89878ÿ)ÿ$9ÿÿ78ÿ'7ÿ8ÿ) ÿ8 !(ÿÿ9ÿ9+ÿ!ÿÿ9ÿ9ÿ78ÿ!'ÿ989!7%ÿ28ÿ7ÿ989!7(ÿ!ÿ$7ÿ9!ÿ 78 ÿÿ# 'ÿ9ÿ!ÿ78ÿ7ÿ)978%ÿ38(ÿ!ÿ$7ÿ'78ÿÿ78ÿ/7'8ÿ) ÿ "78ÿ9ÿ# '(ÿ7878ÿÿ/7'8ÿ 9ÿ98!ÿ8$ÿ8 !ÿ8ÿÿ'%ÿG&(ÿ!ÿ$7ÿϒÿ$ÿ!ÿ'#7 ÿ9ÿ78ÿÿ$ ÿ8 7ÿ78ÿ$7ÿ!ÿ9ÿ78"78(ÿÿ'78ÿ 1ÿ       ÿ !ÿ9ÿ98ÿÿ7"ÿ979!ÿ78ÿÿ#9ÿ$8!ÿ!9%ÿ6 ÿ&9'#(ÿ87ÿÿ7ÿ)ÿ' 7ÿ"7ÿ88ÿÿÿ788ÿ78ÿ$7ÿ 23ÿ415ÿ6789ÿ ÿ 7   7 8   ÿ 9 8  ÿ    7  ÿ ÿ ÿ 1ÿ ÿ 2345346ÿ53784ÿ549377 48ÿ64ÿ67654ÿ76ÿ76ÿ8 488ÿ ÿ7ÿ2 ÿ67784ÿ76ÿ64974578ÿ76ÿ534ÿ549377ÿ8757ÿ535ÿ485ÿ4458ÿ534ÿ 448ÿ7ÿ76ÿ8 488ÿ9 ÿ235ÿ76ÿ8 488ÿ72 46ÿ85ÿ97846ÿÿ646ÿ57ÿ84965ÿÿ69ÿ7ÿ97ÿ5ÿ ÿ 4495ÿ527ÿ7ÿ534ÿ772 ÿ549377 48ÿ57ÿ798ÿ7ÿÿ76ÿ8 488ÿ88548ÿ88ÿ46ÿÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ5ÿÿ 7244ÿ445ÿ ÿ! 64488ÿ74ÿ975 ÿÿ74ÿ974694ÿ ÿ79ÿ975 ÿ ÿ"7ÿ975 ÿ ÿ8 488ÿ598ÿÿ8 488ÿ54 494ÿ87578ÿ ÿ#54 45ÿ88548ÿ ÿ 499ÿ534ÿ772 ÿ$%&'&$()ÿ*)*+*,'-ÿ85ÿ4ÿ64884ÿ ÿ #ÿ .,'%/01$'&/,ÿ#ÿ538ÿ84957ÿ7ÿ2 ÿ64ÿ56794ÿ534ÿ8ÿ8 488ÿ67ÿ534ÿ984ÿ89467ÿÿ534ÿ674ÿ535ÿ5ÿ8ÿ56 ÿ57ÿ874ÿ 2ÿ"46ÿ-'('*ÿ'3*ÿ4%/5)*+ÿ535ÿ534ÿ8 488ÿ72 46ÿ8ÿ844 ÿ57ÿ874ÿ4ÿ864ÿ57ÿ6488ÿ534ÿ64857ÿ7ÿ235ÿ76ÿ8 488ÿ554ÿ258ÿ57ÿ 7ÿ ÿ#45ÿÿ64ÿ48964ÿ534ÿ527ÿ'*$3,/)/7&*-ÿ67ÿ534ÿ85ÿ674ÿ535ÿ7ÿ2 ÿ6484693ÿÿ76ÿ8 488ÿ88548ÿ88ÿ ÿ ##ÿ 81-&,*--ÿ9*:1&%*+*,'-;ÿ#ÿ538ÿ84957ÿ7ÿ2 ÿ4546 4ÿ235ÿ534ÿ8 488ÿ64664458ÿ64ÿ76ÿ87 ÿ534ÿ8554ÿ674ÿÿ48583ÿ534ÿ96546ÿ 535ÿ2 ÿ34ÿ76ÿ76ÿ549377ÿ64974578ÿ<7ÿ2 ÿ87ÿ65954ÿ23ÿ534ÿ8 488ÿ72 46ÿ837ÿ4654ÿ534ÿ67=495ÿ7ÿ5465 ÿ42ÿ 549377ÿ 2ÿ>? 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School: Carnegie Mellon University


Running Head: Mortar and Brick


Mortar and brick

Mortar and Brick


A retail or business outlet that has at least one physical store is known as a brick and
mortar store. In this project, the main focus is on the brick and mortar store that specializes in
designing shoes, clothes, and handbags. The store has several employees who conduct the daily
business of the brick and mortar store. Despite the simple website set by the business to advertise
its products, all transactions are carried out offline where customers have to visit the store in
order to enjoy the services.
Online purchase of goods is the main problem facing this business. Customers have only
one option of purchasing goods from the store, they have to visit the physical store location.
Competitors are using e-commerce technology together with brick and mortar methods.
Customers can visit physical stores and also they can purchase through the shopping cart. In
order for this business to compete with other business, it has to establish an e-commerce
functionality where customers can purchase goods from the online shopping cart.
In the process of coming up with the solution, I will research on cloud computing and
wireless, mobile computing and mobile commerce ( Lekkas, 2012).
Cloud computing: the process of delivering computing services such as databases,
servers, networking, intelligence, software and analytics over the internet to provide flexible
resources, faster innovation, and economies of scale. In cloud computing, businesses, individual
or organization pays only for cloud services which they are using. This technology helps in
scaling business need change, running infrastructure more efficiently and lowering operating
costs since you pay for only what you are using (Lekkas, 2012).

Mortar and Brick



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