Week 2 Unification Of The Modern Day China History Reading Discussion



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This is a simple reflection for Chinese history week 2 lecture. It is an entry level assignment which does not need to be fancy, simple and clear is good. The requirement of the assignment is the second photo down below. You can choose any topic in the fifth picture which are Monday's lecture Qin, Wednesday's lecture Han (Three Kingdoms), and Friday's. The first attachment contains the book page from 60 - 95, you can find all the topics that I mentioned in these pages. The third pdf is the example of this assignment, you should write the assignment exactly as the form in the PDF. Again, it is an easy assignment as shown in the third PDF, and it does not requirement Chinese history knowledge to write. All information is provided in the attachments, I also post my lecture notes in the forth PDF. Thank you for your help.

Week 2 Unification Of The Modern Day China History Reading Discussion
Week 2 Unification Of The Modern Day China History Reading Discussion

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扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 扫描全能王 创建 Miguel Novoa Section A02 Jan. 16, 2019 Discussion Worksheet: Week 2 Lecture Reflection [1] On Jan. 15, 2019, Professor Cuevas gave a lecture on the European conceptualization of "man" and "humankind" and how this inherently excluded everyone else who did not meet the standards of Western European, "civilized," wealthy, "intellectual," white men. [2] I learned that those renowned Enlightenment thinkers conceptualized mankind in their image. [3] I had not considered that their definition of "mankind" rested on a biased view that actually excluded lots of human beings across the globe who did not fit within their imagined standards of civilization. Reading Discussion Questions 1. Do other factors besides race not factor into the creation of property rights in the USA? 2. Why are land and property rights such an important aspect of power in the United States? Reading Comprehension Paragraph [1] Harris and Barrera argue that the competition for property and land rights set the foundation for the racialization of individuals and their rights in the United States, resulting in a structural discrimination that historically places non-white peoples at a socioeconomic disadvantage. [2] For example, the US Government disproportionately used legal processes that favored Anglo settler claims over land in Northern California rather than the claims made by the Californio inhabitants who lived in the land before the Mexican-American War (Barrera, pp. 93-94). [3] This evidence demonstrates that discrimination primarily occurs at a structural level, with the government having a crucial role in imposing an inequality of property rights. [4] Thereby, structural discrimination results from the racialization of individuals over property and land rights. 04/ 10/ 2019 Burning Books and burying scholars (Fengshu Kengru焚书坑儒) Major shift from Qin to Han : The abandonment of universal military service and the associated direct rule of the peasantry. Patronage of the arts and literature. The rise of a new elite that combined a commitment to imperial sercise with local power based on land and social networks. —————————— 东汉末年 Yellow Turban Revolt (184 CE) (黄⼱之乱) *Cao Cao (155 - 220 CE) (曹操) Five Major Features of the Classical Period: 1. Distinct regional cultures whose division were transcended, but not eradicated, by the imperial order. 2. The consolidation of a political structure centered on the person of the emperor. 3. The cultivation of literacy based on a non-alphabet sanctioned the state’s existence. 4. The demilitarization of the interior, with military activity assigned to marginal people at the frontier. 5. The flourishing of wealthy families in the countryside who maintained order and linked the villages to the center of power. ——————————————————————————————————————- 04-12-2019 Three kingdoms (220-265) Significance of the period: 1. The geographic redefinition of China, both its internal structure and its relations with the outer world; A. The full-scale colonization and settling of the Yangzi Valley B. The transformation of this landscape to suit the needs of these settlers C. The extension of knowledge regarding the outside world, and of China’s place within it. D. The creation of intermediate spaces between household and state. 2. The emergence of a new social elite distinguished by a novel set of cultural and literary practices; 3. The appearance of a discrete, often hereditary, military population and new military institutions; 4. The progressive detachment from society of an imperial government underpinned bu this military power; and 5. The rise of major religions no longer strictly mapped onto the dominant social and political groupings. ________________________________________________________________________ 04/15/2019 Buddhism Overlap and Borrowing between buddhism and Daoism. ...
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Discussion Worksheet: Week 2
Lecture Reflection
[1] On 12th April 2019, Professor Cuevas gave a lecture on the three kingdoms of Han including
the major redefinition of the Chinese internal structure and its relations to the outside world, the
colonization of Yangzi Valley and the changes that took place within the Han’s social classes
during this period. [2] I learnt that despite the war that took place during the period of the three
kingdoms, innovation flourished ominously during this period. During th...

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